Donetsk Bridges Destroyed

This vague prediction has happened.

Notes on 3-7-14
I had a vision of a bridge from a distance, shots being fired, and then an explosion or fire hit one side. — Need better understanding of where, seems to be starting a new prediction.

The Facts on 7-7-14,  video: Ukraine Bridges Explosions Block Roads to Donetsk




5 thoughts on “Donetsk Bridges Destroyed

  1. We have replaced the facts of the recap with a news video. We do plan to make this a common practice. Fans and Friends please let me know what you think of this idea. Thanks

  2. Hi Eric,
    as you know i have always used pictures and videos on my blog ( and lots of people have liked them and said they were very original. Chosen appropriately, I think they improve communications and get the message across very clearly.
    So well done to you for adopting the same approach
    Best wishes for every success with it


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