Notes on 7-4-14

I had a visual of people sitting on benches in a stadium, everyone was looking up while clapping, than under the bleachers, behind the people,  an explosion happened, people began to scream and everyone scrambled for safety.

“Terror.. terror”

I had a visual of the number 5 in big bold font.

As I went to sleep last night I felt the ground shake under me.

“Next.. focus on.. earthquake, big storm and Jordan.”

Eric’s Comments: Another visual of an explosion in a crowded stadium, perhaps fireworks in the sky. An accident? Spirit could just be verifying that this situation is still coming, but another part of me believes that this explosion, the bomb they mentioned, and another attack in Boston might be separate situations, but that’s just my assumption.

81 thoughts on “Notes on 7-4-14

  1. Eric, last time you asked for clarification, you asked is it an accident or bomb. They said bomb..
    I am confused ,because of the bad weather did different cities in the northeast put off their fireworks? Maybe changed until the weekend?

    1. Also keep in mind they never said the US. One thing they have consistently said is this will happen. I really hope today goes without any problems, our location could be off too.

  2. Eric regarding the earthquake, are they putting Vancouver back on the table? July was the target month? We also had other earthquake hotspots.. Should we concentrate on underwater earthquake ,swarms near Volcanos , or are they preparing us to anticipate a great earthquake..
    Your thoughts?

    1. Its a new one, unrelated to old predictions. Which goes to their point, in short they are telling me to stop my focus on current predictions because they have new ones that need our attention.

  3. i read this dream about 3 years ago. soccer fields and a castle like setting for a house, tents. hopefully people come to their senses and this does not happen

  4. Hi Eric. I was looking at the firework displays that would be rescheduled around the Boston area for the 5th. There are quite a few with stadiums. One in a town called “Bridgewater”, and one in Lawrence, Mass at the “Veterans Memorial Stadium”. There were a few more but those two stuck out. There is a big Fourth of July celebration in Northeast Oklahoma with a concert, fly over and fireworks, and canons at the end in a stadium there, but I can’t remember where it is. I just thought of it since it would be near Bentonville, Arkansas which has a “Crystal Bridge”. That would be today the 4th also not the 5th. Still praying all goes well today and tomorrow for the Independence Day Celebrations across the US.

    1. Plymouth, MA rescheduled the fireworks and parade for the 12th and I’ve heard this is big. In fact, my family and I were thinking about going there next weekend. But I don’t know if we should. I would also like to note that Plymouth is having a 5k race and I think that’s tomorrow. I’m not sure how big this race is going to be. Hopefully nothing bad will happen.

      1. Some towns celebrated yesterday on the 3rd but Plymouth is scheduled for the 12th. I also know that Stoughton’s has been rescheduled for tomorrow the 5th and the carnival will begin at 5 p.m., fireworks will begin at 9:30 p.m. at Stoughton High School. They were supposed celebrate yesterday but was postponed due to the weather.

      2. I think Boston did. But there are a lot of outlying suburbs who are delaying until the 5th. Hopefully they will all have peaceful celebrations.

    2. I looked it up now, sorry for the confusion, its looks like the northeast has events going either on the 3rd or 5th, which only adds fuel to the fire when it comes to the numbers they present.

      1. Not in Stoughton, Plymouth has a few college campuses but I’m not sure if they are around the parade. Jules104 mentioned that Bridgewater will have a parade at Bridgewater State University. “On July 5th (due to weather), immediately following the parade, on the grounds of BRIDGEWATER STATE UNIVERSITY, we put on a festival which includes: art, live music with a focus on original music, dance, great food, children’s events such as face painting, train rides, sand art and entertainment such as puppet shows and more…” AT LEGION FIELD – Family Carnival 5:00 pm-9:30 pm
        FIREWORKS – Legion Field, 175 Bedford Street (Routes 18 & 28), 9:30 PM

      2. Sorry it took so long to reply. BBQing. That’s kinda what my chain of thought was. The 3rd and the 5th! It just seems like it can’t be only a coincidence that the Spirits showed you those numbers and were talking about July, fireworks, Boston, crowded area in the northeast, then Arthur showed up and mixed up all the dates to be other than the 4th. Exactly what the Spirits already knew would occur I’m guessing.

  5. The Blues Festival in Portland has a stadium type set up facing the waterfront with bleachers where they do about 3 big firework shows. We ended up not going this year, mostly because the turnout is huge as fewer places are doing shows in the area. But the main seating looks like half a stadium.

  6. It is also near the bridge that the Max light rail trains cross. Perhaps a firework accident? The fireworks are set off the boats on the river.

    1. I am anxiously waiting for the day to end, hoping very much nothing happens, tomorrow too. It could be an accident, making the boston situation a separate event.

  7. Eric, here is the listing for fireworks in Boston..also updates if rescheduled to the 5th.. Read the lines to the end.. (Rain dates)

  8. Hi, Anthony , the earthquake is up in the mountains about 30 minutes from downtown LA.
    That size of earthquake has happened before in that same area a few years ago.
    The more worrisome quakes are happening in areas that are not ” the usual suspects”
    So it’s important to watch.. In Northern CA. And in the south near a newly discovered volcanic /hot springs..

  9. Harvard threats investigated; Twitter user claims responsibility
    By Steven Yablonski, Steven Yablonski
    Published On: Jul 05 2014 11:05:46 AM EDT
    Updated On: Jul 05 2014 06:17:45 PM EDT

    1. Yes Omarie and Deborah I heard that on the news, unfortunately the visual has consistently been, people in a stadium or bleachers, clapping, then in the back an explosion. I hope that it is a foiled situation, but for that to fit it would have to involve a stadium of some kind.

    2. I am really hoping with bated breath that the day goes without any situation at all, then I can rest. It might be a set back for the accuracy piece but it would be far worse to see this situation actually happen.

  10. Lets assume for a second boston is separate. Thinking outside the box. Are there any other major firework event in the month of July besides the US.. Asia, south America, Europe??

    1. Hi eric and all….the commonwealth games commence in GLASGOW Scotland between the 23rd of July to the 24th of August…

    1. There is Bastille Day on the 15th also. Big National Holiday in France. Air Shows, Fireworks, dancing, etc. Also they have Bastille Day Celebrations in the US. In Brooklyn, Manhattan, NYC, Seattle and New Orleans.

      1. Eric,could the five stand for months? There are dances, cold weather for end of the year..
        What are your thoughts?

      1. Eric – next on Spirit’s list? Or next on the list of one of your past predictions becoming true? Or, both?

    1. This might fit with 7-4 message, but in the visual of the original message it was a large explosion, and the people ran out. Thanks for the info, its worth mentioning as a post, I will post it after I look over all the facts.

  11. Eric, I know there was an earthquake in Mexico., however a new focus was mentioned….shorter time frame..
    Should I put on my focus sheet the 27th.. From 2/26/13 (local) earthquake? I am using as the reason for the question —your (hold ) reference? (You will be affected?)

    1. I believe the mexico quake was what they wanted me to focus on, so it was a miss. Its repetition that is key. The multiple times I accurately predict something for a place the more they will begin to listen.

  12. Eric, here is the latest referring to Jordan..
    ‘Ending Sykes-Picot’
    In a widely shared video, an IS fighter is seen walking across what used to be the border between Iraq and Syria and vowing to “break all borders in Jordan, Lebanon, and all the borders, inshallah [God willing]”.

    The video is called The End of Sykes-Picot, a reference to the 1916 secret agreement between the British and the French which shaped the modern Middle Eastern.

    Reference link…
    Lebanon …than Jordan..

  13. Could this be connected to the ufc fight in melbourne australia today? There is alot of talk about the show having “fireworks” as in what the fights will bring. Over 70,000 people attending. Many more watching world wide…

  14. Eric, update to my previous comment post,
    2 captured from attack in Jordan Refugee camp.( Baqaa)
    .Jordanian security forces capture 2 Baqaa attackers, sources say – Al Arabiyah

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