Hurricane Arthur

This prediction seems to continue into 2014, we have already had Typhoon Haiyan, Utor, Fitow, and now Hurricane Arthur is hitting the Carolinas. If that’s true its disturbing news for Florida.

Notes on 3-16-13
“Oh my, so many floods are coming.. Florida and Japan have the biggest storms.. New Jersey and surrounding areas are hit again.. Florida will be hit with a massive hurricane, the tide and path make the flooding deep.. the shorelines of the Carolinas devastated..  Japan hit in the worst way.. Korea is affected.. Typhoon strike the Philippines.. Philippines are ill prepared, slow response.. there will be excessive tragic deaths.

In other news, I am nervously waiting for the 4th of July to pass. I truly hope it passes without anything at all. But they have a standing prediction of ‘an explosion when the fireworks happen’. — Notes on 6-29-14

Here are several number riddles Spirit presented last night, normally they present numbers for timeframes: 757, 37, 12:29, 12:12, 11-31. Usually if it has a 7 its showing a day. 757 would imply the 5th. If it has thirty, it implies a month like November, not sure why there is a one? Perhaps they are adding a year like November of 2015.




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  1. star48 Avatar

    Hi Eric, I saw the first number and thought of Boeing 757.. Airplane..
    Regarding 12:12. Here is a link to one of its meanings—

    1. star48 Avatar

      Sorry link did not go through properly . I will try again

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, I think spirit is saying this is a no go..this is not a reference to follow up..
        I am smiling.

  2. Jessica Avatar

    757 is also the area code for virginia beach which is expected to get hit a bit by arthur

  3. star48 Avatar

    Eric, a little more,11-31. I found a reference for Illinois Compiled Statutes,–re:demolition,repair and remediation .thoughts? 37. Could be 3 again..(our number)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      They actually separated 11:31 later, when they separate it, it means that the message is for me not the blog. According to them November 2015 is a timeframe in which a spotlight is on my work.

      1. star48 Avatar

        Eric, makes sense.. Thanks

  4. jules104 Avatar

    I just heard on the news that the sand on the beaches in the Carolinas is going to end up out in the ocean by the time this storm moves north. Use to go to the Outer Banks when I was younger and it’s a really pretty area.

  5. allen Avatar

    thank you for posting, the florida hurricane storm,i kept seeing Miami was so flooded out, people are not prepared all over the state, I do not know what year, or month. I keep thinking, that we can change this from happening? can you ask the director, if we have the power of thoughts, to change a hurricane path? or is this a lesson to be experienced and learned? thank you eric, for all you do!!

    1. R. J. Avatar
      R. J.

      These storms are earths way of cleansing and removing lower vibrations, you cannot nor will be allowed to stop anything natural. These events need to happen and any who pass in such an event do so because they agreed to

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I believe in the power of mind, but I believe the conductors plans are more in the hopes to convince those in the path of the storm to prepare. It has started. After we predicted Haiyan we gathered many new fans from the Philippines, several of which have asked me to keep them informed on this years storms. Bit by bit it will grow.

  6. R. J. Avatar
    R. J.

    July 4, nothing will happen.

    1. rhona Avatar

      What in heavens name gives you the authoritive tone you are using…..yes the earth is cleansing but we can lessen the disruction and with nature…if the eath is cleansing lower vibrations that humans polluted her with THEN OUR HEALING LIGHT AND HIGHER VIBRATION CAN HELP….im closing the
      door on your negative off the planet guides…in the name of the christ light stop it…blessings x

  7. Tim Avatar

    Not sure if this bridge collapse in Brazil has something to do with one of your predictions:

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      I saw that. I don’t think so.

  8. […] Hurricane Arthur   Here are several number riddles Spirit presented last night, normally they present numbers for timeframes: 757, 37, 12:29, 12:12, 11-31. Usually if it has a 7 its showing a day. 757 would imply the 5th. […]

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