Notes 6-12-14

I had a visual of three burners red hot.

Where? “Yosemite will spark a fire”

Where is the tornado at? “A terror attack is coming”

Eric’s comments: Burners are used to describe large forest fires or bombs. Three burners are unheard of. Last year when we had forest fires they presented one burner. Its unclear if we are talking about three different fires at the same time or one massive fire.  They never answered the question about the tornado location, maybe it’s not exactly a tornado just a large storm or cyclone, but their focus went a different direction. We will have to follow-up. Quick question, besides the US where else in the world are tornadoes common.

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  1. Hi Eric. Besides all 50 States,tornados frequent Australlia, Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. Also, there isn’t a chance that the Forest fires could be related to domestic terrorism is there? Or just natural causes? I am just wondering because for a while now I’ve just had this feeling that it will be a new form of terrorist acts.

    1. For this specific prediction, unlikely. They would have presented some kind of spider. But there is mention of some type of world attack happening, I just need to look into it.

    1. actually tornado’s are not common in New Zealand. But they are something that has started happening occasional the past few years. Which means asking where are they common is a mute point because they are happening in places not common.

  2. Eric, 75% of the worlds tornados occur in the USA. Canada is the next most frequent, but tornados can occur in the middle latitudes either side of the equator around the world. Europe, China, Australia, parts of South America.

  3. The perfect storm – the living bible states
    person affecting n influencing the future and the outcomes.

    1. Your comment doesn’t make any sense as it has no sentence structure. This yet again proves to me Americans are just as gullible as serfs and peasants in medieval Europe. You are willing to accept a translation of The Bible in which is completely inaccurate from its original text. Thankfully I grew up in a British school and learned Hebrew, Latin and Greek. I was also taught correctly that the Bible was written and then translated during some pretty dark times when men wanted power over another. It is why women were seen as property. Yet, still today, people want to quote this book, parts of it, for their own power over another. I should probably tell you, if I believed the Bible, which I don’t, that you should keep your mouth closed when in the company of men, as your Bible states women are to submit to men and be silent or punishment is stoning. Thankfully, I don’t believe this non-sense as God is all LOVE. Any human being given the gift of sight is a blessing. Bible thumpers used to always think Slavery is a good thing because the Bible talks about it (because it was written when men and the church wanted to have power and control). It was also thought for a millennia that people of science were witches and heretics. Yet, I am going to say you probably would take a pill for bloodpressure or pills if you got cancer or went into cardiac arrest. The perfect storm are folks like you Vicki, who make comments in which they are not educated enough to understand. (i.e. The Tea Party). Predict away Erik. As I stated before ever since I came back from my near death experience and the beauty of Heaven, I realize how wrong this planet is with their judgements, translations and beliefs in things they fear because they do not understand. There are a miriad of reason why you have this beautiful gift, and to help others and maybe change the course of history. There is nothing wrong with that. It is why we have free will. One day, the planet will be wiped of all these so-called Christians. And we will live in peace. Every religion has parts of it that are correct but it is many Christians and Muslims that are WAY off base. Those extremes will destroy themselves.

      1. Jon I would love to hear more of your near death experience, and what you saw for our future planet.

        1. Me too. If you want, and its entirely up to you Jon, send it via email to me, then I can post it on this blog as a normal post so everyone can read it. No pressure, if you don’t want to do it that’s fine.

      2. Me too, Jon. Perhaps you’ve already posted your story on or elsewhere? I have not had an NDE experience, but had a life-changing visit from my deceased grandfather when I was 9 years old. It changes one’s perceptions. Peace.

      3. Jon, Yes there are a lot of naive, narrow minded, gullible Americans out there, but there are a lot who aren’t also. Don’t lose all hope in us. LOL I know its hard sometimes and that’s coming from an American living in America. Anyway I loved your comment and hope you will share more of your story with us.

      4. you are all so very sweet with your responses. Currently, I am writing a book about it. The coolest thing ever, was when I told my story at the Cancer Support Group, the moderator sent me a famous New York Times Best Seller book by a famous Neurosurgeon from the same hometown as me and also went to the same Universities I went too. It was so amazing this guy had the EXACT same experience as I did. The words are so hard to form based on all I saw. This author also has the same trouble of finding words within our limited language. But the one thing I can say for CERTAIN, is Om (God, Allah, YahWe, The Creator) is ALL LOVE!!! It is so immense that it makes Love here on earth seem like a grain of sand. And here all these right winger folks preach gays are hated by God and will go to hell. Well, I am Living Proof that I did not go to hell and God did not hate me at all. I was welcomed with the most loving embrace (not by arms–other than the very big 16 foot ‘Angel” holding me when I first “flew” into the light from a dark primordial tunnel. The light was so bright, opalescent, with Gold flecks around it). To this very day, when I think of that experience, I weep. I was never ever one to cry. Now I find I cry with amazing joy. But at the same time, I know coming back to earth, that my grandpa not only hugged me in heaven and was there during my “life-review”, but later, when I got better, came to me in three of the most powerful dreams I have ever had. I have written about that on previous posts. I feel what I saw and what he told me in those dreams has me protected, for now. But the great gift God gives humans is FREE WILL. This is why Eric and all of us can make a difference. There is fate but fate can be altered. Its so difficult to explain that. But it is allowed just like evil is allowed on this planet. God is very aware of the evil. But from what I learned in my conversations with the Angel, were, not only was I magnificently loved and very special, I was able to converse with the Angel without speaking out loud. And I asked many questions while I was there. I am a different man than I was 2 years ago before I coded and died after my grand mal seizure on that private jet. That day changed my life forever. I came back after CPR, battled brain cancer and put that sucker into remission. There are other more advanced “life” in many universes was one really strange thing I “learned”. Learn isn’t even the right word for it. While there, its like I could absorb so much, like I was “part” of the “universe” or becoming part. In those more advanced places, there is less evil. We are less evolved than we think. Anyway, for now, my recommendation is to read “Proof of Heaven” by this guy Eben Alexander, MD. His account is so very similar to mine with the exception that I do not remember being in the darkness as long as he was and I remember laying in my angels arms up in the sky just at the gates before the gates opened and we flew through them. (Before all of this, I was strictly science minded and had turned away from the idea of “God”—and I still got to go to heaven–imagine that). The coolest thing for me is that I have been feeling so ‘alone’ having had this experience as there are not lots of us out there that have gone through it or are willing to talk about it. So it was the most awesomest thing that someone gave me this book that has greatly helped me realize I am completely normal and its ok to talk about it. The greatest thing I could ask of each of you wonderful people is to pray or meditate that this soulmate my grandfather told me would find me and fall in love with me, will truly happen. Putting all that positive energy for another person into the realm allows the Angels to smile and bring those beautiful forces together at greater odds. This soulmate, this man, is part of the key to my own “survival”. I cannot explain that anymore, other than he is the one that grandpa said would not only change my life but hundreds of lives around me as he showed me in the form of ripples in water. I used to always want to never marry or be partnered. I always thought I was enough for myself. But I guess I was not thinking big enough. That two are better than one. By creating real love between two people, whether straight or gay, always makes the world a better place. That Love is so powerful it can wash away darkness with breaking streams of light flooding in. The strangest part is that my grandpa was supportive of me loving another man romantically because on earth, before he died in 1990, he was not supportive. But He said I was made that way, just as the Angel in Heaven had told me. That I was to not ever let anyone tell me differently as they would suffer their own karma for their judgements. That God made us all to be different, that diversity was a good thing, that is was like having a coloring book full of magical colors. Without it, all would be dull black and white. I am so thankful for my NDE, but at the same time, it is hard to have to have it as part of who I am now because it defines everything I do, including what I eat and drink. I now treat my body like a temple as best I can. Down to making sure there is no fluoride in the water I consume because fluoride has blocking capability for good nutrients to get to the brain, nor GMOs in my food. The brain is a “filter” to the Divine. By blocking it with unnecessary toxins, I find that is when I have the most trouble with connecting back to part of that “space”. Or that has been my experience anyway. Stay well and in good spirits everyone. Just know that you too are very very loved!!!! Don’t ever let these so-called Christians or the repression of society tell you differently. I can tell you for certain that you are truly loved.

      5. Wow Jonblue, thank you for sharing, what a beautiful and life changing experience you had. I applaud you for putting yourself and your Soul’s path out there to help others.

        Also what you’re saying about the food is very true. I would like to add that a vegetarian lifestyle also raises the energy as the meat carries the trauma of the animal that was slaughtered. Animals have a soul, just like us and they are part of the universal energy as they were created by God. What the Bible and the Testament states, that animals are here solely for the purpose of man, is not true.

        I whole heartedly hope that you will meet the soul mate your grandfather told you about and that together you will be able to bring more love in the world.

        Many blessings to you and take care 🙂

    2. Hi Jon Blue – What a beautiful response to our asking for your insights from the other side of the veil 🙂 Your message in book form will be truly healing for so many. In particular, I believe attitudes toward those who are “different” – which can mean many things in this world – will take on the stereotypes that our society fosters in this book you are to publish. Your being gay and fighting the prejudices associated with this fact will alleviate the pain of many others dealing with the trauma of discrimination. I had a mentor many years ago who worked as a restaurant manager. He was the best person, yet the attitudes toward him were severe because he was gay. I worked for him for a period of a few years, during which time I learned quite a few lessons from him. He loved humanity and he walked the talk, so to speak. Ed was so fantastic. I recall him hiring a homeless teenager whom he found crumpled up on the church steps across the street from the restaurant he managed. Not only did he hire him, but because this teen was homeless, he would wash and dry his uniforms for him. The interesting thing is that I happened to bump into this teen about 8 years later in a local cafe. I learned from this guy that he was now the senior manager of the cafe; he was brimming with joy! Look at how much this one man’s sincere love and mentoring created such a difference in the life of a teen. And the best part about this story is that we all knew that Ed was sincere because he did similar things for ALL of us who worked for him. In other words, there was no resentment in that restaurant – we all knew he’d be there for us if he could. We all supported one another because of his excellent example. The “ripples” that you refer to when describing your grandfather’s prophecy about your future soul-mate and the impact he will have on you and hundreds of others, is so exhilarating! It is not a question of whether or not you will meet this man, Jon. You will! I sincerely believe that you would not have been given that information if it weren’t true. Your grandfather’s support of you in heaven is consistent with the messageI received from my grandfather in the profound dream I had when I was 9 years of age, though the situation was entirely different. I do not think it appropriate to take away from Eric’s blog here (I suppose I have done so already), so I will just finish by saying that the message from my grandfather confirmed for me and my family that God is not a judgmental God – We are all ONE. Thank you, Jon, for agreeing to explain more above. I have read several NDE books and I must say I am very much looking forward to reading your book! Peace and love to you. You will meet your soul mate. But you do know this 🙂 I did not see your grandfather’s dreams posted, so please let us know where they are on this site or another site, if that is where they are; I would love to read more from you. Thanks, Jon. Much love!

  4. Our Tornado season in Australia is over for this year Eric so must be some where else

      1. i think the point is mute on cyclones as well Eric, storms are just getting stronger. One example is the storm that New Zealand just had, not a cyclone, but cyclone strength winds, up to 170kmh winds, did more destruction than a cyclone that hit that area years ago.

      2. Eric here is a by product . Storms getting stronger, Magnetic field anomalies , Gravity Waves.
        Influences are interconnected. earth/Sun/weather

    1. Wow Katz – this is a possibility. Interesting match to Eric’s message received.

      1. Eric, many years ago In studying Edgar Cayce , in a couple of his readings he mentioned in the late 1930’s that the core of the earth was changing. He stated that it would be many years before we would understand how that and other factors would be felt.
        He mentioned earth changes. Earthquakes, volcanos.
        I have been studying CME’s for awhile. (I had a business that they could impact) there are interesting articles /studies that volcanism and earthquakes could be impacted as a result; as well as the electric grid and telecommunications. The jury is still out.
        However when I run across anomalies I note them.
        Here is one

      2. i wouldnt take Cayce’s prediction too serious. A lot has changed since he made them, namely that this world sent out a call for help and that help is now here. She is simply now raising back up through the vibrations that man pushed her down from

    2. solar flares are truly beautiful. just another method used to help raise our vibrations

      1. RJ, are you saying Geomagnetic Storms and X Flares are not potentially hazardous to our magnetic field/earth Or animals /us? What about the the proton solar storm potential
        Or the beta-gamma- Delta magnetic field of the spiraling solar magnetic field that spawns X flares you are saying they are not injurious but raises our awareness?
        There are studies that a ” serious CME” could actually increase the ambient temperature to over 140 degrees for at minimum 3 hrs here on earth, How would that affect old people or children physically . Forget about raising their consciousness.
        I am open to the possibility of Increase in awareness. However there is also potential for actual physical harm. I hope you are open to that potential too.

        1. I will post what the Spirits have said is the future of our planet, they have talked about it extensively. It does sound similar in many ways to Edward Cayce but their are differences. I can only speak to the Spirits I am guided by.

      2. star48, you rock!!!
        RJ wears his tinfoil hat and just let him absorb those solar flares. He has no clue the damage they could cause. i.e., they shut down power plants and could make planes fall from the sky by cutting off the GPS and navigation systems. This has actually happened causing death. RJ is a naysayer to everything anyone says on here but he never puts out positive feedback nor does he have the gift of sight.
        he’s pretty much like doubting Thomas. Just ignore him.

      1. phew we are cooking up a storm ourselves love it love it love it there is nothing like disagreement tempered with respect … 48 its always great to read your comments yes you and.we are dearly loved….we all have a wonderful thread here you too RJ…we care….

    1. I think you’re correct Katz. That poor community. I can’t imagine 75% of your town being wiped away in a few minutes. Thankfully more people weren’t killed, but praying for the family of the five year old who was. Sending light and love to all there affected by these storms.

  5. Eric since this tornado situation in Pilger, Nebraska has happened, do you think it is like a timeline for the terror attack to happen next now?

      1. Just wondered because they answered your tornado question of where it is with ” a terror attack is coming “. Also, did you see in the news where there was a US covert raid in Libya where they supposedly captured the mastermind of the Benghazi attack.

        1. Oh no that doesn’t mean the terror attack is next, it more like a polite argument, I want to talk about one subject, but they want to talk about another.

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