Boko Haram Attacks Mosque

Has this prediction happened, no ties to Europe, and the last part is still in question, however everything else seems like the prediction.  Boko Haram needs to go.

Notes on 5-29-14
They implied this prediction would have European ties:
I had a visual of a building with several lit candles placed in front. Then a man came in shooting those in the building. In the visual the building seemed old.  Some of the candles were bundled together. Is this a literal or symbolic place? Perhaps a church or funeral?  “14.. like Belguim”

The Facts, reported on 6-5-14 by AP: “In another incident, gunmen killed 45 people in Bargari village on Wednesday after gathering them in front of the village mosque, a witness said.

“We were scared because we knew that they were Boko Haram members,” said Abuwar Yale, a witness who escaped the attack.

The gunmen who arrived at 9:00 p.m. told the people they were there to preach Islam and not kill and then asked them to go to the village mosque. As soon as the men gathered there, the militants opened fire chanting “Allahu akbar.”” Quoted News:



3 thoughts on “Boko Haram Attacks Mosque

  1. Eric that sounds like it could be the prediction to me. And yes Boko Haram definitely needs to go!! They are disgusting scum of this earth…maybe scum is to good a word for them.


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