Notes on 5-19-14

“Eric you must check on earthquakes.. again.”
“The oven is on”. I had a visual of opening the oven and the burners were bright red.
“Major flood in the area and around the area of Vietnam.. 730”
‘In 20 minutes’ — Presented last Saturday which puts it sometime between the 6th and 8th of June, a marked timeframe.
I had a visual of a soldier laying face down in the sand.
The words “Finale”
Twice at night I heard very loud Sirens like the ones you hear on a ship.
Eric’s Comments: I was tempted to sit on these messages until tomorrow when I received some clarity because they are vague, but there seems to be a needed urgency. Sounds like there is going to be a major quake soon or we made a mistake. Burners (oven) in the past were used to describe forest/land fires but you could also see this as a summer time that will be overly hot. 730 is marking of the 30th or July. The sirens imply something urgent, threating coming very soon. It could be a personal situation not necessarily a world prediction. Clarity on almost all of these messages are required starting with the Quake.

44 thoughts on “Notes on 5-19-14”

  1. Eric, flood could mean conflict. War. Flooding that whole area. The ship sirens ” Sounded twice ” sounds like 2 could be two actions . It could reference ships from S.D could be involved. Sirens are for warning and immediate action. 730 could mean in 30 days in Vietnam area however I am thinking 20 minutes is for the second action. What are your thoughts?

    1. I think they are talking about floods, earlier we had a discussion of how we missed the Bosnia floods, yet we knew massive floods where on there way. So I believe this is a renewed focus on the ‘where’ with these horrible floods coming. But we will see.
      They did not say which prediction would happen in 20 minutes, a bit confusing on that situation.

  2. It seems like the soldier laying face down in the sand would have to do with all of the disputes between the many islands and countries, especially China and Japan, with US behind Japan. An altercation between Naval Vessels getting out of control perhaps?? I didn’t realize how many different countries are all claiming the same islands for their fishing rights and natural resources. I did notice that Vietnam is situated between the Gulf of Thailand and the Gulf of Tonkin. Could the burners be like , no longer on the back burner? Now the War is starting due to the final straw? Though my thoughts are major forest fires coming up. Is this the monsoon/ cyclone period coming up for Vietnam/Asia area? Also, I am wondering why the Spirits say to check on earthquakes again? Are they saying there will be one soon? Or you need to look at past predictions or to ask them about it? Also this has nothing to do with right now but thought I should mention it…I was looking up Vietnam and an article just happened to be discussing the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics and how the Bay Area was like a latrine it is so filthy and were discussing the stadium that’s not finished etc. Just got me to thinking about that stadium by the water in a past prediction of yours.

    1. There seems to be a handful of different predictions that mention future threats to these islands. I don’t know why the earthquake is a focus, but will be asking tonight.

      1. Eric… In my meditation yesterday they showed me an earthquake as well. Japan came to mind. I seen the ground and all the cracks there were so many it was HUGE… And then I saw the waves of water across the Pacific Ocean, the waves travelled with such force, they reached US/Canada west coast. That was it… I wasn’t given any more….

      2. In reply to Cindy. That’s sort of weird because I was thinking of an earthquake hitting on the West Coast with the tsunami heading towards Japan.

      1. global warming is a myth, the planet is going through shifts and is re-balancing herself, which will result in he climate returning to what it should be before man lowered her vibration.

        1. My spirits would argue with you on that, they have clearly shown a massive consumption of land by the oceans and rivers this century, huge hurricanes that don’t exist right now, and one absolutely horrible world wide famine caused by extreme weather cutting off the food supply, all of which they put blame on us.

      2. global warming is NOT a myth. I think the science community and experts who have studied AND visited the locations have proven. RJ, I recommend you go back to school and get off the “low/high vibration” concept as if man should not exist. You are probably on the wrong site as it appears every comment you make is negatively based for those of us working together. You seem to be the burr in the heel and I imagine a supporter of people like Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent. I recommend starting your own site if you think you can get people to follow you. We all on here are very happy with Eric’s work and we encourage each other with our educated knowledge based on both science and Spirit. Jules, you are correct, methane hydrates have been increasing on the ocean floor. I remember briefly studying it in Organic Chemistry at UNC. My ex works for NOAA and it has affected some submarine life, negatively but also provided some nutrients too (in the smaller doses). Also, global warming is called “climate change”. We have damaged the planet with toxic things we use, make and burn. We have sped up the natural process of shifts. For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction unless dealing in antimatter or quantum physics.

        1. Thank You Jon. Well said. I always think about an example I saw on the boob tube once. They took a house with a yard, dumped all types of garbage, and horribly filthy matter, etc into and around the house, then asked the home owner this question…”Do you actually think that this will have no impact on your living environment?” It was on a very very small scale compared to what humans have done to the planet. So yes I agree, for every action there is a reaction and Mother Earth is pissed!! We have been horrible stewards, some worse than others. And with all that we now know there should be no excuse for not trying to reverse the damage. I just hope it’s not to late.

    1. I am kinda leaning toward it being a quake in Japan. Eric wasn’t there mention of something with the nuclear power plant in early notes from spirit?

    2. Julie, it also happened same day in Marina del Rey,CA . Not far from LAX. Estimate was around 70 thousand fish.

  3. Jules.. This one surprised me too. I have been feeling a devastating earthquake in the Vancouver BC region for months. Therefore I was a bit surprised to see the water rushing from far across the Pacific Ocean towards this area. The water was so powerful.. I’m baffled as well??

    1. Cindy I will be sending prayers of light and love to the whole West Coast area for everyones safety and well being. Stay safe. Hopefully all will be well.

      1. Thank you Jules. I am by no means a predictor of worldly events/disasters. Intuitive yes… but that’s the extent of it. Let’s just pray all will be well and perhaps those images shown will not cause any pain or suffering.
        Blessings to all!

  4. Eric, my dear fellow San Diego friend, you say this may be a “personal message”. I have suspected for a long time that I would have to face an earthquake here in San Diego. I am hoping I moved into the right home here. With the fish washing up ashore just in the last few days in VA, CA, NC, FL, OR and NJ; this could be due to the lack of oxygen when the gases are released from the ocean floor as the plates move. I have been monitoring my quake feed and there seems to be some intense activity in the Pacific Ridge, Atlantic Ridge. When those big serpents washed ashore 6 months before the big Japan earthquake as well as the Indian Ocean earthquake, scientists said there was a correlation. Being that I am new here, there sure is ALOT of seaweed on Coronado beaches. In NC, we didn’t have that much seaweed wash in all at once. Anyway, maybe it is a prediction meant for us here in San Diego. Grandpa said I would be safe here but as I mentioned a while back, earthquakes have terrified me since I was a small child. I grew up in NC and we never got such things. Sending you peace and joy. I move into my new apartment June 1st. It is on the first level of a two story “duplex”, the owners will live above me. I will be right by Morley Field where all the big houses are. It feels safe.

      1. I think you may be right RJ. 😀 I’ve survived tornadoes, hurricanes, mudslides and a bombing. None of those scare me as much as earthquakes always have. Maybe this is my way to conquer the fear.

    1. I don’t think so, anytime they show an earthquake I get a quick view of the location, most of the time I just discount it, but once in awhile I recognize the location. If it were here in San Diego, I would hope to recognize its surrounding.

      1. thanks buddy! Makes me feel good to hear that. I keep hearing the mantra “you are safe here” playing in my head from that dream. But I will do all I can to help others.

  5. Eric on 3-31-14 predictions . There was a reference to a large crack in 4 directions.
    Ok-CA- OR ? So could be 4 different directions of Earthquakes? Just a thought.

    1. “4 songs”?, “apocalyptic”, “three fifty one”? An earthquake on four faults at 3:51??
      Hopefully Eric will get some clarity tonight on it from Spirits. They had marked the 21st for an earthquake somewhere previously and Eric said the date isn’t exact. Tomorrow is the 20th. Hopefully all will be well on West Coast tonight.

      1. Jules104, I meant in 4 different directions like a cross. 4 different earthquakes. One New Madrid Zone. -Two -CA Zone. -Three Oregon/BC Zone –Four Hawaii/Japan Zone . Not necessarily at the same moment.

      2. Even though the date is marked, it could be any number of different predictions, I know all of us would love dates and times, but they use dates as a verification. As if they are saying “That event that happened on the 21st is what we are talking about” this avoids the old mistake (sometimes I still do it) of claiming a prediction happened when it really did not.

    2. I really don’t know, I took it as affecting 4 locations. A year ago they told me there would be an earthquake in Mexico, I asked to narrow it down, and they said everywhere, and it was everywhere, from Mexico City to Arizona. Now they seem to show how far it will affect the area around it.

  6. could be air raid sirens ….four sings apocolyps….syria iran turkey israel…things are hotting up over there..or tsunami sirens…my love and universal light spreads to where it deams it is needed …my thoughts are with you all in the west coast of your beautiful country…i have spent weeks in L.A and San Diego my prayers are with fond memories.x

  7. Could the soldier laying face down in the sand. Be a reference to Memorial Day? Sand a point to coast.

    1. For example they showed George Washington being beaten up by a large group of people. A few days later the news reported “Washington is taking a beating in the polls.” This pun could be about the VA.

  8. this all sounds to me like you predicted the volcano in iceland a long time ago! i think your great by the way

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