Russia Demands Ukraine Pay For Gas

This prediction is starting to happen.

Notes on 4-15-14
“Too late.. sorry.. all the power – energy turned off in Ukraine.. the teeth of the UN will now move forward.. the UN pushes back” I had a visual of a small box like cage being slid into a larger cell, as if boxed in.

The Facts reported by BBC on 5-15-14: “Ukraine must pay cash for gas, says Russia’s Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said his country will demand payment in advance for gas supplies to Ukraine starting from 1 June.

In an open letter to European leaders, Mr Putin said Ukraine now owed Russia $3.5bn (2.55bn euros; £2.1bn) for gas already delivered.

He said Russia remained open to consultations, but the EU had failed to come up with specific solutions.” Quoted News Source:


4 responses to “Russia Demands Ukraine Pay For Gas”

  1. Jules104 Avatar

    My immediate thought is, “Let the games begin”. I wish everybody could just play nice.

  2. star48 Avatar

    Eric, if one prediction unfolds than does that mean the timing for the other predictions will manifest within a short timeframe?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Not really. We thought when Al Assad gassed Syria that would be the end, because the next prediction talked about his falling, one somehow is connected to the other, but the length of time between the two are massive.

  3. rhona Avatar

    good lord; what is this world’s people up to. more so what
    are the leaders up to. oh thats right people dont matter to some or is it some people dont matter. sorry everyone im havin a momnt..ok ok im seding love and light to ukraine …russia…and especially mr putin…all those involved and heading this crisis from the core if my heart …..

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