Libya Boat Sinks

This prediction has happened.

Notes on 5-8-14
I had a visual of half a ship under water sinking

The facts on 5-11-14: At least 40 die after migrant boat sinks off Libya in the Gulf of Sidra

I assumed the terror attack was related to the ship sinking but now they seem separate.  I have already asked for clarity on the ‘Notes on 5-8-14’ I will post it later today but I am hoping for a bit more understanding, the new message is very cryptic. I can’t help but notice how pieces of the Notes from 5-8 seem to match up with this event in Libya, perhaps they mistakenly entwined two events?

Notes on 5-8-14
I had a visual of a massive spider so large that it was bigger then a human. Its belly was fat and the spider had large spikes at the bottom of its legs. It held a man under it belly, the man looked terrified, he had a name tag that said “humanity”
“A huge spider.. a campaign of terror is about to unfold.. starting now
His brutal strategy plan spilled.
In 4 to 5 months it will be bad.. some of the worst we have ever seen or predicted.
They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort.
4 songs
‘apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one’
in between two gulfs
fire started, fire started, huge explosion
9.. 10.. now.. US
these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice
At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction.
World Predictions Glossary Reference: Spider
I had a visual of half a ship under water sinking
I had a visual of spirit pointing to a map of Greenland, Iceland, and the spirit said “this is coming very soon” – A reference to the Volcano eruption.



3 thoughts on “Libya Boat Sinks

  1. Hi Eric. I was wondering if the, “fire started, fire started, huge explosion” could be in relation to the hot air balloon accident in Virginia? Except that it seems to have to do with going to war. It did seem vaguely similar.


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