Notes on 5-8-14

I had a visual of a massive spider so large that it was bigger then a human. Its belly was fat and the spider had large spikes at the bottom of its legs. It held a man under it belly, the man looked terrified, he had a name tag that said “humanity”

“A huge spider.. a campaign of terror is about to unfold.. starting now
His brutal strategy plan spilled.
In 4 to 5 months it will be bad.. some of the worst we have ever seen or predicted.
They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort.
4 songs
‘apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one’
in between two gulfs
fire started, fire started, huge explosion
9.. 10.. now.. US
these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice
At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction.

World Predictions Glossary Reference: Spider

I had a visual of half a ship under water sinking

I had a visual of spirit pointing to a map of Greenland, Iceland, and the spirit said “this is coming very soon” – A reference to the Volcano eruption.

Eric’s Comments: They have never presented a spider that large. I believe ‘songs’ represent 4 different acts of terror (they have only presented one act), and ‘apocalyptic’ is more about something symbolic then a description of events. Efforts must be made by all of us to disrupt these terror attacks from unfolding. We must bring awareness to these attacks so we can alter the next one.


92 thoughts on “Notes on 5-8-14”

  1. That’s… A lot of information. Do you have any idea what kind of attacks are being planned? Any idea on a timeline?

    Any ideas behind the sudden change from a few posts ago? It was very happy and optimistic talking about change and now this. I’m confused on what is coming 😦 sorry for the babbling. I’m concerned for… Everyone.

    1. You really get the impression that both the black and white are coming at once.
      The first I think relates to the ship or boat attack, but it could be separate too.
      Timeframe- Now. which usually means the next few weeks.

    2. Hey Eric. Thanks for all the information. I have thought for a while there will be a massive terror attack(s) but unsure where. Its overdue, it seems (historically speaking). And don’t let RJ get you off track with his “lower vibration” theory. You are in tune with the Divine. RJ can play in his field of flowers and pretend the world is all buttercups and easter bunnies. I’ve been lucky to have traveled to 24 different countries in my lifetime, usually renting flats, or camping out. I have seen things, that even the news could not play on air. I have heard the bombs/missiles being dropped less than 30 miles away and seen the night sky light up night after night. I have volunteered for doctors without borders, twice just after University. So, it is people like you that have the gift of sight, to hopefully change some of that. Some people wish to live in LaLaLand and pretend we are all safe and secure and that nothing bad is going to happen. I learned in reality, what I saw in my own visions have been similar to yours. Many of the first things started coming true within months after seeing them. RJ would think mine are of low vibrations too. Mine just happens to be my amazing grandpa and grandma protecting me. It was two weeks after I moved out of Chicago, that the reports I now read on the crime in my neighborhood (one of the safest in Chicago) has turned into mayhem. He told me to pack up and RUN! So I did. I had no clue what was coming but I knew it will be bad. The three times I have moved, have been from dreams. First one was to Minneapolis from Raleigh, NC, and a few weeks after my move Hurricane Bertha hit Raleigh in full force and my apartment complex was no longer standing after due to a tornado and flood. The second move was from Minneapolis to Chicago, where two months later the company I worked for dramatically folded and I would have lost my job. Each dream, I was visited by my ancestors and told to go and never look back. Now I am here in San Diego and know I am safe for now. I just realized you are in San Diego as well. Thats pretty cool. Waking up every morning and looking over the harbor and seeing the battleships peacefully sitting in the sunshine reminds me of the balance of life. One day, those ships will see war again. War on our own shores. Many believe it will be a Civil War. With unemployment increasing rapidly, with 150 cities about to protest low wages at companies like McDonalds and other stores, riots will break out. If you know history as well as I do, you will understand this is how the poor got behind one man called Napoleon and overthrew the 1% rich of France. Not only did he take France but he took many other countries by bringing the angry impoverished together. It will happen again. History ALWAYS repeats itself. On May 15th, protests begin. They will mount, and over time will become violent. That anger is very palpable in Chicago. Worse, is I saw a news broadcast recently from 2009 of Popeyes had a sale on Chicken. Well, they ran out of Chicken. They were interviewing people that did not get any (when there were plenty of other restaurants and grocery stores nearby). Those interviewed were speaking as if they were going to starve to death or shoot someone for not giving them cheap chicken IMMEDIATELY! The mindset of Americans is screwed up. I learned this by my travels to other countries where people patiently wait in lines for food. We are a “must have it NOW” society because we are so spoiled. Eventually, this will come to bite many in the back side because crop shortage is only going to grow as planting started late this year because of the polar vortex and the California extreme drought. Prices of food will be much greater this summer and people will not be happy about it. Its only a matter of time before anger turns to worse. I just hope to not be on this continent when that happens. I plan to use my own gift of sight to know when to leave just in time. Its worked for me before. And I know just where to go in the English countryside (my home away from home).

      Feel free to keep “babbling” as you said, because within those words are both questions, clues and solutions.

      1. Hey Jon. Well said. I have similar thoughts about the fight between the haves and have nots in America. When people get desperate they tend to do desperate things. I do think there are a lot of great Americans out there still but the whole of our political system has gone down the crapper. It seems the majority of politicians are only serving themselves and not the people anymore. Big business is running our country, and greed is a powerful thing! Unfortunately a civil war may be what it takes for those in power to wake up and remove their blinders. I am praying it doesn’t come to that.

      2. Ironically they talk about a global famine that unfolds this century its not until the second half of the Century but for some that’s not that far off. Now that I do world predictions I really work hard to study and learn cultures of the world, so I know what your talking about. Americans have it easy compared to so many other places, we are very lucky to live here.

    1. RJ it is interesting reading your comments. You support Eric and the Spirits he communicates with yet most of your comments make it sound like you know better than them. Why is that?

      1. I want to pop up and add a blurb. I don’t take sides here, but sometimes I would like to say something, this time about the possibility of timelines. Future isn’t concrete, but the collective unconscious ( if you like Carl Jung’s psychoanalytic perspective) has believed that those past events will continue on in the future. As Eric says, mind sets can change outcomes through awareness. It is true, we can change our future history if we abolish the old ideas that would lead to a cycle. We don’t need to live in that cycle, we change ourselves.

        1. They have talked about cycles of Karma that usually are all about ones past.
          Time is difficult, even for them, someone once told me that if I excluded the timeframes my predictions would be 93% accurate, but my timing is usually off. Personally I don’t know where he got the 93% but I do agree if there is anypart of these predictions that are wrong or off its usually the timing of the event. But if we are to make a difference, if we are to change the future the timing of the event must be mastered.
          Change is possible, I just can’t imagine all of these spirits would be making such an effort to predict these events if they did not truly believe we can change these horrible tragic events.

  2. Eric do you know what they mean by “three fifty-one” or the “in between two gulfs? I am thinking the is perhaps on 9/11? Any thoughts? Or just a countdown? And the Arabs, was it a flight or a fight scene do you think? That is a lot of information for sure. Great job Spirits!

    1. It sounds like a ship attack, you have water, a sinking ship, doesn’t fit with a fire??
      Right now we are extensively arguing over how much to share, they don’t want me to see to much horror however not seeing it could affect the outcome.

      1. That would be a difficult choice to make. I am sure they will make the right one and glad to know they consider how it may effect you.

      2. HI Eric, I agree. I think getting the details, even if they are challenging, is important to understanding what potentially could happen. How else would we know if we are having an impact in changing those details……


        1. Totally agree, the historic issue is when we first started the predictions I would watch all the events unabridged from Gaddafi attacking and violating the young woman while attacking the rebels during their war to the horrible childhood massacre by Breivik, so I get their position, because it stains a person.

      3. Eric – do you think there are certain events that are such that the outcome cannot be altered? Jeanne Dixon forewarned Kennedy’s administration to not go to Dallas, TX. Jeanne Dixon, the psychic, wrote that she believed some events could be changed through free will, while some events were predestined and therefore unalterable. Maybe this upcoming event is too dark and is written in the stars? So why horrify you and us with the details?

        1. According to spirit there are three catagories, stony, clay and sand. Certain events cannot be changed, some can be altered adjusted, and events that are warnings in which case can change altogether or might not even happen. Most of the predictions we roll out are the Stony to clay situations, but they seem to know the difference and when it applies they insist on our action.

      4. Yes, I would agree. I guess it is easy for us to get caught up in the “wanting to know what is going to happen” and forget you have to “live” each event. Even if you are somewhat removed from the events, seeing them as you do still must have a profound effect on you.

        Thanks for what you do.

      5. Hi Eric – Thank you for providing the three levels of changeability of the predictions, based on stone, clay and sand. What you said spirit relays makes sense to me. So, if I understand you correctly, is the rock (mostly set in stone) and the sand changeable, or doesn’t happen at all? I got a little confused because I recall that disastrous earthquakes are “clay plate cracking”. I looked at the glossary and did not see the meaning of “sand” or “stone” so I thought I would ask for clarification/confirmation. Thanks.

        1. the clay plate cracking is completely separate situation, unrelated. They use the clay plate cracking to avoid having to show me the actual damage that unfolds.
          But yes things are set in stone, while others are more adjustable, and a third is just a possibility.

      1. Eric, after your comment above, I then thought to google the bible and 3:51 and this is what I found. I am not an expert of the bible, but could it be Lamentations 3:51?

        1. Hi Lianne. That was the same thing I found also. It shows a few different interpretations, but from what i can tell basically saying that my heart/ eyes/soul hurts because of what he sees being done to his daughters??? Maybe Eric or you have a better idea of what it’s saying. Anyway I immediately think of Nigeria and all of those kidnapped girls. I saw on another website, Brian Ladd Dreams, that he had two dreams he put up. They have to do with the “ECWA” which is some International Church organization. But when I went to the website it doesn’t really look legitimate. Doesn’t really do anything when you click on pages except say go to the real website and page not found. I thought that was interesting. Anyway I sent a link to the CIA! LOL. I guess they will think I’m a kook but whatever huh. If it is anything at all I want to help find them. Sorry this was so long. Yikes!

          1. Always keep in mind these are ancient beings that refer to things that don’t entirely click with us. for instance;’ tell the box our exact words’ — box is a computer, because it always comes in the form of a rectangle.

        2. No more of the book like Ecclesiastes, poetic like. But usually in the Bible with poetic like messages there is a constant flow of positive vs negative. It could also be a riddle in itself, like ‘where the beaver sits’ in regards to Canada.

  3. My daughter who works for Jefferson County, Planning and Zoning Dept in Golden, CO. , just sent me this text. “Oddly enough we just got an email about ordinance 3.5.1… Animal control. Not that that number is used all over.” Thought that was weird…

    1. Look for the message, that stuff happens to me all the time. I started this work (these predictions) at 11:11 which I thought was weird and odd but then I took a break midstream and it was 1:11, which shocked me.

        1. Yes, they are stuck on this happening ‘now’ I keep asking for a date, but the real focus is the next few attacks but they are focused on this and the coming hurricanes, and determined to try and alter them.

  4. I looked up a list of Gulfs worldwide. :2 combinations stood out.gulf of Aqaba-,Gulf of Suez
    Basin countries are Egypt,Israel,Jordan and Saudi Arabia.
    Another is Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman(Indian Ocean) it involves the Straits of Hormuz.
    I thought of oil tankers fire? Or Military? Any thoughts?

  5. This a big one, funnily though I dont have a dark sense of disaster, just a strong urge to send healing vibes and peace out there, I think Isreal and surrounding countries could well be involved. A collective effort from all of us that peace may reign…

  6. And so we shall..bring awareness…. So it is we hve been doing it for years and we will keep on doing it…..darkness cannot and will not exist in the light..loving energy in specific awareness …thanks eric spirit is teaching us well.

  7. 351 is maybe viewed as the 351st day of the year, Dec. 17. 4 songs could be the 4 seasons of the year.

  8. I looked up on google.. 351…a . Military sub (?) came up the “Greemfish”number 351 also references for crude oil spillage. (I put in 351-ships-oil..) I did that for Straits of Hormuz possibility being “between the gulfs.”.

  9. Wondering if your previous prediction about explosions and a fire in the Big Apple (NYC) in Mid-May is possibly one of the 4 terrorist events? Hope not. Hope it’s thwarted if so. What does spirit have to say now?

      1. Hadn’t thought of the fourth of July! That would definitely send a message the terrorists would want to convey… Let us pray for a thwarting of such activities.

      2. Yikes… Eric my Family and I are flying back to Vancouver Canada from Disneyland on July 4th. I was just saying to a friend how I wasn’t feeling really great about being in the air on this date, and now I have just came upon this post…. Feeling more disturbed and uneasy now.

  10. I keep going to ‘Apocalypic’ Ancient Greek ‘uncovering’ or “disclosure of knowledge”
    So 351 is a key. Or was “Three Fifty -One” given this way not as numbers?

    Is “US” literal? If so You have the Gulf of Alaska to the Gulf of CA.
    Gulf of Mexico too.

    1. It relates somehow to the US, but that does not mean its in the US. If anything its not.
      The US seems to be one target, but they point to a global attack. Even though it has an Arab message I would not discount Asia as well. We are planning to ask the ‘who’ next, but its more than likely the first event will happen before we get to the answer.

    1. The word ‘apocalyptic’ will more then likely relate to the prediction itself. I remember along time ago they said “47 will be in the news” I never posted the prediction because it was vague, but I kept looking it up to see what it symbolically means, or what it could be related to but it ended up becoming the Romney 47%.

      1. So, in other words, 351 can mean anything, really 🙂 It will become apparent, but perhaps not until after the event.

        1. Normally numbers have to do with the casualties or timing. Its rare (like 47%) for them to use it in another sense. This was odd because the said ‘three fifty-one’ not three five one or three hundred.

    1. Star48 and Eric. (Great observation Star48!) I was just going to ask what you thought of this Post and the four songs. I am wondering if the “9, 10, US, Now”…will mean that in November which would be the next number, 11, the US will be the target area. The “fire, fire, huge explosion”..possibly Kansas area prediction? Maybe it’s Oct that is now for the US?

      1. Eric,
        I just got updated times of Israel e copy., Hamas (Abbas incitement )is being blamed by the government.
        So #4 should be off the list.. I do not know if Hamas follows Fatwas.

  11. Eric,
    report about IRAN…telling us to leave Strait of Hormuz

    Brought to mine this part of post….

    They will claim the first as a lone wolf but it’s not.. a calculated group effort.
    4 songs
    ‘apocalyptic’ ‘three fifty-one’
    in between two gulfs
    fire started, fire started, huge explosion
    9.. 10.. now.. US
    these attacks lead to war.” – Spirits Voice
    At one point during the conversation I had a visual of a large crowd of Arab dressed individuals running in the same direction.

    In between two gulfs…
    Salami was quoted as saying: “If the Americans and their regional allies want to pass through the Strait of Hormuz and threaten us, we will not allow any entry.”


    1. Star48, did you notice where the USS Boxer and 13th MEU was in that link I sent? Seventh Fleet was in Singapore. Hm. Glad they caught those spiders, though many more I’m sure.

      1. Jules104, I noticed!
        Seems we are getting a lot of ” crossovers”
        One post is closely related to location and or action…
        So many similar events.,, but not ” the event” like a shadow!

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