Notes on 5-6-14

I had a visual of the US Capitol building completely covered in snow and ice. (everything coming to a halt, frozen or a more literal meaning?)

I had a visual of GE and T becoming one. They showed the letters sliding together to spell GET.

“The young man is a liar, the director did something stupid but far from criminal… X”

“Your being framed there are two dead.”

“In comparison to its last eruption the volcano will erupt 3 times greater in a massive scale of fire and smoke, so much so that it will greatly affect those at a great distance.”


— Spirits Voice

24 thoughts on “Notes on 5-6-14

  1. Any idea on what volcano? They announced last week Helens is recharging and has been building up magma the past few years and started having smaller quakes recently. Some don’t seem too concerned about an eruption anytime soon but also stated its impossible to know when. From what I’ve read, scientists dont think it will erupt for decades, but that is WILL erupt in our lifetime, others state that even with all the monitoring you can truly never know and we will still only have a weeks notice before a major eruption and to be prepared. Very mixed and contradicting opinions. I cant tell if half is being overly cautious or if the other half is trying to avoid panic. But with an eruption, it could create a Portland quake, easily. As for an eruption, the last was minor, so even one 3 times as big wouldn’t be too concerning, but if it was 3 time the 1980 eruption, it would be devastating. St. Helens has some sort of eruption since 1980 about every 6-10 years, last being in 2008, so we are due for at least a little puff of smoke.

    Moving away from the PNW, could the prediction be tied in to the other volcanic predictions? Or is this one separate? There are so many active volcanoes its so hard to pinpoint which one(s).

    About the capital building, maybe another government shut down?

    1. I have to believe they are talking about the same volcano, “where the Danish live” in the “Land of ice”. Could be another one but very unlikely.

  2. I am very concerned about the volcano prediction; had one of my vivid Precog dreams a few months ago whereby I was in a work building (not one that I know of in my life) and there were 2-3 explosions & then ash all over the place. People were dressed in business attire. I had no idea where I was, though. Some people were collapsing bec they couldn’t breathe. Emergency personnel were handing out oxygen masks. These Precog vivid dreams are about 90% accurate when I have them. I live on the East Coast but in past predictive dreams like Katrina, Hurricane Ike, Japan’s earthquake & tsunami & Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, I experience the event as if I were in the middle of the trauma. It takes me 2 days to get over the intensity of such predictive dreams. Wish I knew where it was in order to forewarn. Eric, sorry to be long winded here on your post. I feel that your message from spirit is what I dreamt. The dream I had was like the ash that fell during 911 in NYC after the buildings fell. All was grey ash and visibility was low. Please ask spirit formore details for a locale. I read that if Yellowstone were to blow, the ash would cover nearly 2000 miles.

    I do think your predictions are very accurate, Eric. I hope we’re wrong this time.

  3. Eric do you think this prediction about the volcano is from the previous Icelandic volcano or a different and seperate prediction? And are they speaking about the company GE? I saw where they were recently trying to buy a French company, Alstrom, I think, but don’t know if it went through or not. And the Capitol being frozen with ice. Sheesh. I hope it’s not another govt shutdown coming! I wish they’d start playing nice in that big sandbox of theirs. LOL

    1. Baby bibbers again!!! Congress, congress congress…
      I do believe the letters are probably initials, but what exactly, I don’t know.
      Yes it was implied we are still talking about a volcano where “the Danish live”.

  4. Just had another thought. Maybe the capital bldg being frozen w/ice & snow is a symbol of where the volcano will erupt, i.e., “Washington”, which points to Washington state; those volcanoes have ice and snow on top. OK, maybe this is a stretch. Eric, didn’t you say something about Vancouver recently, and separately, something about a snow covered mountaintop a few months back? Maybe I am combining predictions that are intended as separate.

  5. Actually I think I know what GET is. Usually when we do a prediction its a location (ground??) and the Event, they present the Timeframe later, maybe there finally merging them all together instead of how they separate them all right now.

      1. I honestly think there talking about our format, and added it with the world predictions because it was apart of the process. Right now something that doesn’t work well, it would be awesome to see them present the event, location and timeframe all together instead of different days. But we will see.

  6. For those interest in following volcanic activity, both the Smithsonian and USGS have programs you can sign up with to receive updates about volcanic activity. I’m only registered for the Cascades but I believe you can sign up for multiple areas. Both websites update bigger events and general information on worldwide volcanic activity but you don’t get the in depth extended weekly details.

    Something to think about too is the type of volcano. The prediction sounds explosive, most volcanoes, including many of Cascade volcanoes are oozers. So that might help narrow down which volcano(s) the prediction might be pointing too.

  7. Eric, today May 31. Volcano in Indonesian erupted. It is massive. Here is one article

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