School Massacre Averted

Has this prediction happened?

Notes on 4-10-14
I had a vision of either a gym or basketball court and spirits voice saying “A miracle is coming.”

Notes on 4-30-14
“The miracle.. such an act of valor.. overwhelming kindness.. for the melancholy.. in the gym (or basketball court) a gift bringing a moment of happiness.”

Quoted News on 5-4-14: “Police: Woman’s gut feeling thwarts planned school massacre, family murder.

He’d planned to set off “numerous bombs” during the lunch hour at Waseca Junior/Senior High School, then kill the school resource officer, police said.

Then he’d unleash gunfire on students until police officers arrived, allegedly planning to let them kill him.

Police officer quoted as saying: “We can either believe that this occurred as a result of a lucky break or as I do choose to believe that God was looking out for all of us.”

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8 responses to “School Massacre Averted”

  1. Marikins Avatar

    How wonderful!

  2. Lehayla Avatar

    That’s amazing! So relieved not to wake up to another day of horrible news. Thank you and the spirits, and the woman who listened to her “gut instinct”.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Probably something more than just the gut. Food for thought.

  3. RJ Avatar

    Dont think the prediction has happened

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Honestly it fits but why use a gym, why not use school? But this school event fits their definition of a miracle, they don’t see their father as showy or magical. They have consistently shared events throughout my life where his actions were presented as subtle, quiet, humble, simple, but leading to one massive change.
      It’s one of the bennies of talking to spirits, walking through life as a witness to the father. So many different times they have pointed saying “look our father has been here” and then later with overwhelming glee and admiration they would explain the circumstances in great detail.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Wow that’s amazing to hear how it all works out between you and the Spirits Eric. I was thinking the same as RJ, that it didnt sound like the miracle prediction. But that really was a miracle they caught the boy beforehand and the woman allowed herself to be opened to receiving that “gut feeling”. Thanks for sharing.

      2. Cindy Avatar

        Your words are like “Gold” to the soul as I wipe away a tear or two. Well said Eric. I feel the humbleness of your words. Thank you!

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thank you very much.

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