Notes on 5-4-14

Spirit Spelled Portland or Poland

Cracks crossing a road, with a loud crackling sound. (something with that road part)

Crackers standing up. “Minimal Damage.. now”

A reminder: “It comes.. Sunday night” — A prediction due to happen by Monday.

Ukraine: “A note for the radical Ukraine.. and Russian rabble rouser.. we need to reverse this course.. reverse the decisions of the past.. Croatia.. Take a different direction now once you step into the bloody road it will be all blood.. getting worse and worse.. we hope.. hope.. for jubilation.. for lessons learned.”

Eric’s Comments: A large but minimal damaging earthquake strikes Oregon State, Portland seems involved. We don’t have a timeframe but we are expecting it within the next two weeks with their ‘now’ verbiage.  The spirits have clarified that they are overly focused on natural disasters because in a not so distant future there are very horrible natural disasters that are historic.

The spirits are warning the world if war breaks the amount of death would be comparable to the 90’s Croatian war, but there is still a chance for everyone to take a step back especially the radical Ukraine’s and Russian rebels.

43 thoughts on “Notes on 5-4-14

  1. Eric, you told me a while back when I was explicit that Russia would be taking us to war and that they would become quite powerful and I viewed him as an Ant-Christ. You responded by saying he is just a petulant child and is like a choir boy compared to the future anti-christ. You mentioned it would only be a few acts of terror and that would be it. Now, it appears Spirit is showing you what my grandpa showed me in my three dreams regarding Russia back in September. Putin will fight us and will one day come on our shores. So I am curious as to if you think he is still like a petulant child or if you are seeing him as a threat like many of us in the world do? I tried to warn people but no one would listen. Now I see it in the news everyday. Even to the point of some rebel factions are making Jews register. And they are collecting up gays and imprisoning them just for loving someone. This is Hitler all over again. History always repeats itself.

    1. War wont break out, and russia will not invade the usa. The vibratation can no longer sustain war, just the cia in Ukraine trying to cause trouble but it wont work

    2. The spirits have gone in great detail of the anti-Christ or as they put it the “worst man the world will ever meet both before and after its existence.” and Putin does not fit the bill. I can’t speak for the other prediction.

      1. He will be possessed by self manifestation…I believe it is the Saxon line…I mean like they claim line of King David and the duke of Kent is a grandmaster mason…not to mention the dark rituals they engage in…1+1 = 2 logically…I can feel the evil thru empathy

    3. Jon there is a lot of good info out there about what’s really going on in the Ukraine but I doubt you will find it on our main media channels here in the US. I have been reading up on some of these Political parties over there in the Ukraine and the thugs that took over the Govt. I was also shocked to find out they have ties to Neo Nazi groups big time. Start researching yourself and you will see what I mean. And I don’t mean the Russians. John Hogue has a lot of info on his website also about what’s really happening over there. Also look up this Party called “Svoboda”. Very interesting.

      1. Yes that’s what they implied too, that even though Putin doesn’t have the right to create such mayhem there is an overall radical part to Ukraines politics.

        1. Thanks Eric. I just want everyone to investigate and find the truth of what’s really going on. Not that I understand all of it. I do think there is a lot of different groups involved in stirring the pot.. USA, NATO, Ukrainians, and Russians. I also have problems at times of pointing fingers and doing the us against them thing. Just have to look for the truth yourself and not always rely on our media stations here. Though they aren’t all bad either.

      2. Thanks RJ, Jules and Erik. I know a lot of what is going on over there because I have a few friends from my University days who are living in Ukraine and in Russia. The Neo Nazi groups are VERY big over there. America has no idea how powerful they really are. Spirit on your end may be right about him not being the biggest anti-christ, but he is a very very bad man and I know he will try and come on these shores in the next ten years once the major earthquakes destroy a lot of California. It will be the perfect time. He will come with the Chinese as humanitarian aid but he will have other plans.
        It is just what I saw. No visions from just one individual are perfect. I do know some of mine have been spot on and others way off. But the Russian and Chinese one were so precise. I was not given a time frame. There is a reason the 1% have estates outside of the US in countries in the southern hemisphere. Many 1%ers were clients of mine when I was a big time event planner in Chicago. Each told me over time why they have places outside the US. Most were because they feel war is coming to our soil. It may be even a civil war. But none the less, war. Thanks for friendly debate. Its nice to have a place to come for friendly conversation about what each of us discover in our dreams and visions.

        1. Hey Jon. I hope your friends from University days are all safe and well. I think it’s great that your Grandpa and Grandma are watching over you. A lot of what they are saying does make sense. I really enjoy reading the messages and comments you have shared with everyone here, and yes, IT IS great to be amongst others with like minds who truely do want to help humanity and make the Universe a better place. They say, “it takes a village !”

      3. Amen, Jules. I am thankful for each of you! Even when we may debate and try and figure things out, I am thankful to read each of your comments as it helps me feel a bit more safe and understood. Namaste!!!

  2. Portland is built on sand and old tunnels and over a fault. But we also have sinkhole concerns. Is it possible it could be talking about another sinkhole rather than a quake? Or maybe shakng from an explosion? A large quake, I would imagine, would do more damage because of the old brick buildings and liquefaction of the wet loose ground. And is it possible the large quake is related to “the big one”? Sorry for all the questions! I love my city of roses 😦 If the prediction does hit here, I do hope he damage is minimal. They also had a press conference about the magma build up in St. helens last week- curious if there is any word from then spirits on that. And last question- is here a possibility they meant Portland Maine?

    1. Does Maine get earthquakes? The talk about the destruction of a road or path, could also be seen as a border. So sink hole fits, but cracker almost all the time refers to an earthquake, I understand its rarer but I just go with what they predict, I have learned not to question it. There is the crack, cracker and broken clay plate, which all describe earthquakes destruction. From small to extreme, the fact that they use cracker puts it in middle ground, but they also made a point to say there would be minimal damage.
      Does Poland have earthquakes, anyone know, they only mentioned (Portland/Poland) as the location??

      1. Most places can have an earthquake from one reason or another. I think Oklahoma is having non fault related quakes. But Maine has had a few in history. Minimal damage in Portland Oregon can still produce a lot of deaths. One collapsed bridge (which we have tons of) or building could kill a hundred or more. Some weird spots of the UK have had some quakes lately too so wouldn’t be surprised if Poland can have them as well.

        1. It would have to be a fairly large quake. Your right, minimal damage could still be tragic. Unfortunately for now we only have three different degrees of damage; crack, cracker, and shattered clay plate, all of them presented visually. Just having three variables of damage does not do it justice, since there is such an array of different degrees of damage. Its the clay plate we should worry about they have only used it 5 times since I started sharing predictions.

      2. Guess what? There is a “Poland Township” in OHIO of all places, and they have actually been in the news recently for the problems they are having with earthquakes caused by the oil and gas companies fracking in that area. Could it be here?

  3. I think that Portland Maine had a small earthquake within the past few years. Generally, they do not experience earthquakes, but things have changed there, too, as in many other parts of the world. So yes, I thought of Portland Maine first when I read your message.

    1. Yes. Maine has earthquakes. They have had a few of 4 mag. Including the one mentioned above. We felt it in Southern New Hampshire.

  4. What I found strange with the Portland prediction was that right before I read it I had looked at the days USGS earthquakes and the only one I really noticed was the one off Port Orford, OR for some reason. It just stuck out to me. Then I saw that prediction and was like huh…weird. Maybe a coincidence?

    1. I don’t think the Port Orford one is anything significant. That area has had bigger quakes there recently and they are very common. We had little one we felt about a month ago but also fairly normal (happens every other year or so). He only unusual quakes we’ve have store the non volcanic related ones on Mt. Hood under Government Camp due to a newly discovered fault that runs under the town. They’ve have about 300 this year. But nothing we’ve been concerned about or at all related to the volcano.

      1. That’s good to hear. Maybe it’s the “Poland” Township of Ohio. They’ve had some recent issues with earthquakes due to the oil and gas fracking. (Which can never be a good thing in my opinion.)

      2. All these fracking quakes. Makes you wonder where its going to lead. I am glad its forcing them to rethink the laws and create policies and penalties that are more strict.

      3. I just reread that and realize how that first sentence sounds. For the record, it was not intended to sound that way! Totally embarrassed ><

        1. Hi Lehayla. That’s funny. I had read it earlier and found nothing wrong with anything. Just goes to show ya huh. My brain saw what it was you were saying I guess?? LOL. No worries.

  5. Hello Eric,
    In the following comment, “The spirits have clarified that they are overly focused on natural disasters because in a not so distant future there are very horrible natural disasters that are historic.”, do you have a sense on what “not so distant future” is? Days – weeks – months?

    Many thanks!

      1. Eric – no need to apologize for the ‘bluntness’. I think it’s time for me to buy a generator for the house… You confirmed my feelings about tough natural disasters. Thanks for your honesty.

  6. Poland does have a quake now and then, there was one not too long ago, mag 4 if I recall correctly. It is possible that it could be Poland.

  7. Eric, you had mentioned that hurricane season either this summer or next would be a horror. Do you see Louisiana involved with that? Louisiana is still recovering after all these years from Katrina!

  8. Eric, in my searches I ran across a notice from May 15th, 2014 about mt St. Helens that has some information regarding earth movement. Avalanches. Could this be related to what you guides meant? Here is the reference—–

    1. The problem with the 15th is which month are they talking about? Its more likely that this 15th is June or July. Its rare for them to predict an event one day later. Most of their predictions happen between 1-3 months after the post. But lately it has been changing. I would wait till June and see if something else is happens.

      1. Eric, this info I found is 11 days after your post on 5/4/14 . But I agree for more clarification and rule out June or July.

  9. Eric,
    Ref;;; Ukraine: “A note for the radical Ukraine.. and Russian rabble rouser.. we need to reverse this course.. reverse the decisions of the past.. Croatia 🇭🇷 Take a different direction now once you step into the bloody road it will be all blood.. getting worse and worse.. we hope.. hope.. for jubilation.. for lessons learned.”

    Croatia 🇭🇷
    A mass of 70,000 migrants has gathered in the Balkans where they are preparing to swarm Europe via the “Soros Express,” Hungarian officials are warning.

    Hungary announced it has mobilized 2,300 troops to be deployed to its southern border on short notice as thousands of migrants threaten to penetrate into Croatia from Bosnia, where they have been accumulating for months and are now actively engaging Croatian border forces in violent clashes.

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