Notes 5-1-14

“The young singer who acts obscenely indecent.. in trouble again.. let go.. career ending.. soon afterwards so much will be stripped away.. however off the norm we are.. we do have a point to this note.. the spiritual realm is patient.. tolerant.. but there are limits that lead to our response.. we are involved.. always.. our advice for troubled times.. always take the humble path.” — Spirits Voice.

Eric’s Comments: “however off the norm we are” is a reference to how we don’t discuss famous stars such as singers or actors in our predictions, unless it has ties to the world events like a world leader, they would see talking about individual lives for an audience as rude. But in this case they want to make a point, the spiritual realm is apart of our lives and when we fail to act correctly there are consequences, and they are the ones who decide on those consequences or karma.

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18 thoughts on “Notes 5-1-14

  1. First time posting a reply. This rings so true to me, such great advice from Spirit to take the humble path. I actually feel that this is always the way to go, not just in troubled times, but I guess to each his own.

    I do feel that it’s not just this one singer, but the whole entertainment industry, as there is too much power and money in the hands of those who often take advantage of artistic and sensitive people, who are not always able to withstand the negativity attached to fame and the price that often needs to be paid in order to get work.
    Does Spirit see any positive changes regarding Hollywood and the entertainment industry in the near future?
    Thank you for sharing with us Eric and Spirit and congratulations on the new domain!

  2. It does seem odd where this singer is right now, and for so long, for such a minor thing.
    On another subject, nobody seems to care about the Bay of Bengal, and the plane.

  3. much happiness in reaching others thru this name change. ANY information that is passed on from spirit is important, as it reaches the people, it was meant too. blessing to you eric.

  4. I agree with it being Justin Beiber with Miley as a close second. I’m so glad Beiber had his monkey taken away. That poor monkey 😦

  5. The first person who came to mind was Justin Bieber. Miley never even crossed my mind at all. If anything her career is stronger than it ever has been in my opinion. Of course “older folks” won’t agree with her antics but most of it is for stage/shock/publicity. No different when Madonna was exploring her sexuality in the late 80s/90s or even Christina Aguilera. Justin on the other hand IS offending people, cultures, spitting on fans, pretty much just thinking he’s above the law. It’s a shame really because he IS a talented kid. He’s just being misguided and making very poor decisions that isn’t helping his career nor his character.

  6. I submit it’s far deeper than shock value. As Corey Feldman bravely put forth, pedophilia is rampant and systemic. Look to the puppetmasters: virtually every kid who was a mouseketeer has mental breakdowns. Disney…well, hate to burst your illusions but do a little research and come to your own conclusions. Baum’s OZ & Carroll’s ALICE co-opted for nefarious mind kontrol. Search history of MK Ultra…Superbowl halftimes: Look at the power of advertising; subliminal seduction. Weird rituals performed before our eyes have symbolic powers beyond the perception of the audience. Most folks have a level of decency; therefore, they are unconscious/can’t comprehend the level of sociopathy so far beyond average person’s ken. We want to hold fast to our illusions; but we need to wake up. Miley Cyrus is disgusting; but she’s a child. Who are the adults that manipulate these children??? Madonna is a complete sellout, complicit in the demise of Britney Spears & Aguilera (both mouseketeers – Amanda Bynes.) Fellow truth seekers, look to the powerbrokers. Hillary or Jeb for president of our great country?? Search Mena, Arkansas to see Bushes & Clintons in cahoots. Who was Pope Benedict? Nazi pedo. Pope Francis: What happened to the children of the ‘disappeared’ activists in Argentina while he was their spiritual leader? Bieber et al are not in their right minds, too easy to blame the victims, indict the adults. Justice will be served, if not in this life, in the next. Please ask Spirit if what I submit is not true

  7. Just read on Breaking News Justin Bieber being investigated for allegedly committing an attempted robbery. Wow!! He’s the first person that came to mind after reading this prediction, perhaps it’s unfolding?

      • I can’t seem to forward the link, however if you google “Breaking News” scroll down till you find last nights posts, it was posted approximately 13 hours ago.

      • Who are the puppetmasters behind Bieber? Pope Benedict fetishized him. Bieber’s out of control, possessed. But indicting this male child without looking deeper is worse than but similar to indicting Scooter Libby; tits on a boar hog; a distraction from the black magician in control of Oz curtain

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