Notes on 4-15-14

“Large earthquake.. Ecuador.. 17.. 21.. very soon.. dangerous.. deadly.” I had the feeling of the ground shaking under my feet between 2 & 3 PM yesterday the 14th.

“The partial Tsunami?.. where the beaver sits.. V.. U..”

I had a visual of the US flag off to the side. “Abducted.. kidnapping.. Sydney or Cindy.. under the floor, underneath.. neighborhood, upper class.. escape.. monsters, plural, plural.. aircraft, small plane.. Seattle (or settle down),  rich wife” I had  a visual of another flag with the number 21.

“Too late.. sorry.. all the power – energy turned off in Ukraine.. the teeth of the UN will now move forward.. the UN pushes back” I had a visual of a small box like cage being slid into a larger cell, as if boxed in.

I had a visual of the US flag with a storm in the background. “Persia (Iran-Iraq), the togetherness spoken ends up to be bull****.. a powder keg ready to blow”
I had a visual of a train loaded with materials slowly creeping by.
I had a visual of a prison cell, inside the cell it was completely dark, people were being put in the cell.

“Asia in the southern part.. a battle is brewing.. they are going to let the rest of the world know who they are.. in or around Cambodia.. first there are speeches.. then the weapons are free.. then there is so much death.. what happened to compassion for all life (Buddha philosophy).. they are swallowing so many lies”

I had a visual of a candle burning bright in the center of a chapel. “We pay our respects to your iconic figure.. she will pass very soon, now.. between the 19th-21st.. Nancy remembered for her entertainment, for her national service.”

‘0’ – Zero countdown, has arrived, a prediction is about to happen in the next few days.

Eric’s Comments: This Tsunami is sounding less likely in Chile and more likely in the US and Canada. British Colombia could relate to the British like flag, there is Beaver Creek in that same area, and ‘U’ could be seen as ‘you’ as if to say where I live here in California. Its sounding like that old Tsunami prediction from last year is still set to happen. Two old predictions are back in the spotlight.


37 thoughts on “Notes on 4-15-14

  1. These predictions seem like trouble is brewing. Did you post these the same day you had them? I’m just curious because the 15th was a blood moon and I’ve heard blood moons are a really bad sign.

  2. Hi Eric. Where is that old tsunami prediction from last year? Ive tried to find it, but have not been able to. I too share your thoughts of west coast California/ British Columbia. Also note ( the beaver) is a Canadian symbol. Yikes… Honestly reading through your predictions and deciphering their meanings , continue (for me) to point to the Vancouver BC area, as I too have felt for sometime. I feel It’s time for me to share with my Family Friends and to all that will listen. We are NOT prepared for this unfortunately.Thank you Eric. You are making a difference in our world, please keep us up to date as you always do.

  3. i do believe you need to go to a higher vibration than the spirits you are communicating with. to those who can close off previous predictions that have been, ah stopped, and can help you refine your predictions and explain what is going to happen, why it must happen, and a firmer timeline.

    • I agree with you Eric. It is more the tone of the world around us. It is much more violent than ever as the extreme right wing become fewer, they begin to lash out. Mother Nature does the same. We treat Mother Nature like s**t, and we get back what we put in. After every rash years of extreme violence within history, there comes peace after. The dark Ages turned to the Renaissance, After WW2 was the growth of many nations, etc…The Spirits and those that have passed come to warn us to protect us. So sometimes, it may seem negative, but that is because you look at them in fear instead of heeding them as warnings to protect yourself. I get the same signs. They appear scary when I awake but then when I think them over, I see I am being shown these things to protect me. Why does Spirit need to come to tell me happy things to protect me? That would not make any sense because that would ruin a fun surprise.

  4. The only other possibility I can think of would be on the border of Portland, Oregon “The Beavers” and Vancouver, Washington. And there is the bridge that connects the two. Eric what else do you think the U could be for? I always think University when I see two capitalized letters like that. It does sound like they are probably talking about the British Columbia area though since there was the Flag they showed you. Which reminds me, I noticed today that the flag for Florida has a red X cross on a white background also.

  5. In response to RJ and Salem. Spirit communication is of high vibration, and it’s not always easy to decipher the messages and symbols Spirit translates. Remember Eric is human just like you and I. If you are not satisfied with the content expressed in his blog it’s only fair to find another blog that resonates with you rather than throwing him or hIs Spirit Guides under the bus with your judgements. He’s only trying to help!!!

    • I do apologize, I only felt some resonance with RJ’s comment, such as the spirit vibration, but in no way am I an expert on vibrations. I have just noticed a pattern is all. I meant no disrespect to Eric or Spirit, that is not my place to judge. If anything, this blog is one of the most genuine blogs I have stumbled upon. Again, apologies if I stepped over a boundary.

      • Thank you for clarifying Salem. Afterall we are all in this together just trying to help one another. Very Big of you to clear the air. All the best!

      • Honestly guys it has been a discussion the spirits and I have had behind the scenes. Our goal is to continue to point out the worst situations the world will face in the hopes to eventually (soon!) change them. But there is something to be said about just predicting horrors all the time. Its been a discussion in length and even though our goal stands, we will be focusing on things such as righteous acts, miracles, whats the next tech invention, medical breakthroughs and politics. I agree this blog is negative and sometimes dark, I would argue though “this blog becoming more negative” is more the tone of the world then the spirits themselves. I know I don’t share it, but the spirits are always happy and at times funny.

  6. purpose of this blog is you can change events before it happens. in my thoughts and in my words. So no earthquake for bc oregon area and ask to send healing angels to the area to relieve the stress.If christ conscience picks up a persons thought that he is going to commit sucide and a seer picks up this vibe, you can change outcomes to stop it from happening and hopefully talk to them or pray for them and send healing. When i see negative its a chance to turn into positive out of a horrible probable outcome.

  7. I also think it is not the blog becoming “negative”, but the tone of the world itself. There are miracles and positive things happening out there in the world, which is absolutely fantastic! But the “evil” needs to be dealt with. I just think we are going through a certain period in time where it has/is escalating and the Spirits are stepping up their game and trying to warn everyone the best that they can. The earthquakes/tsunamis and earth changes are happening, I believe, due to man made issues partly and God trying to wake people up to the fact that we haven’t been very good stewards to the planet. And I really do appreciate Eric and everyone elses effort with trying to decipher the messages, make people aware and change the out come.

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  9. had a strange dream yesterday – rising waters, my thought was tsunami, but I very clearly heard North Carolina. Sunny day (no hurricane), mid-late morning, big wave.

    just for fun, I saw your post and did a quick search with NC and beavers, kept pulling up Oregon. So, FYI, there is an Oregon Inlet in North Carolina, Cape Hatteras Outter Banks. Who knows? Oregon State, Vancouver, etc. seems more logical, but….just adding this to the conversation.

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