Notes on 4-10-14

I had a vision of a wave of water crashing into several houses, the wave was so fast and strong that it swept up the houses and the houses were carried in shambles with the force of the wave. It was a horrible sight to see. — I later asked for clarity on a location and they showed the British Flag symbol of the red and white cross / X.

I had a vision of the spirits placing a black box on the dining room table.

I had a vision of either a gym or basketball court and spirits voice saying “A miracle is coming.”

I had a vision of a Russian soldier standing in the cold and spirits voice saying “They fired warning shots, tensions are about to rise”

1 is coming — A message that in the next few days a prediction is expected to happen. Perhaps around the 12th

“In 30 minutes” — A message that another prediction is expected in about 30 days sometime between the 9th and 11th of May.

Eric’s Comments: I will try hard to add some clarity to some of the more vague messages. I hope they aren’t talking about Australia being flooded, with the current Cyclone looming. I believe the black box is a message that they find the debris of the missing plane soon or at least the black box. The other messages need more clarity.



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  1. the flag you are describing is the flag of England, so I don’t think it would be Queensland. Wasn’t white with a red cross in a box then a red flag?

    1. even though it was a flag symbol, they never presented a flag. I took it as a place related too, or strong ties too, England. I wouldn’t get to caught up on the specifics, these are the same spirits that refer to Canada as the ‘place of leaves’ because of their flag.

  2. The Queensland governers flag is the union jack with the maltese cross in the centre, the state flag of queensland is a navy flag with the union jack in the corner and the maltese cross in place of the southern cross

  3. We, here in Australia have been warned of up to 300km winds approaching with cyclone Ita. A very intense and scary time ahead. Much worse than the severe cyclone Yazi we experienced which caused major damage. Thoughts and prayers to everyone in the affected area and hope that the cyclone dies down before it hits land in the coming hours.

  4. Thanks for your continual predictions. I find it fascinating. I am a believer in psychic predictions because I was living in Oklahoma City when Tana Hoy predicted the bombings right before it happened. It was insane.

  5. I’ve been a lurker- but my first thought when mention of the flag symbol came up was union jack/union flag, another term for the British flag. Union jack is a popular beer on the united states west coast. Also California and Oregon were Union states. Probably too off point- but thought I’d mention it, especially with the talk of a major quake and tsunami along that area.

      1. I don’t think they give out gifts, though from what I read it said it use to be as popular as Christmas. It also said that the holiday has recently been making a come back. I suppose the “gift giving” could be Easter, as in the ultimate gift of life if you are a believer in the Christian faith??

      2. I wonder if it’s making a comeback due to Prince George. Maybe gifts will be bestowed on the little guy via the public on that day?

  6. Eric breaking news. A 7.8 (or 7.6) earthquake off of Solomon Islands. A tsunami warning in effect for Australia and New Zealand

    1. Just now while looking up earthquake maps. I had Cyndi Laupers song go through my head” all through the night” , that’s a bit weird.

      1. That does sound like a message. For some reason I have had the song, “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, sung by Enya stuck in my head lately. And I am more of a Spiritual rather than religious person.

  7. Hello Eric i felt conmpelled to mention prince George will be in uralu northern territory Australia with his parents around 18th April.Darwin is in the N.T.and was devastated with a cyclone on xmas day 1974 Tracy was her name. Maybe the red x England George. Darwin is a harbour town. I believe the royal will be safe and pray and hold the energy for all concerned. Blessings.

  8. The flag is the province of british columbia. Massive earthquake coming followed by tsunami to vancouver. Kitsilano area. I fear this is coming and i am moving away because of it

  9. Looking at the royal schedule they will be in Brisbane on the 19th April .one of australias netball greats Laura Geits will be hosting their visit. Maybe with all the activity in the Solomon islands there is more to come for queenlsland. All the love to lessen or change it goes there …

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