Notes on 3-28-14

“A US special forces operation is about to happen.. an overall win win for the US.. its” plans for the grab are very successful.. pride for America.” — I had a visual of the US flag waving under the gleaming sun, with the song “Proud to be an American” playing in the background.

“The icy relationship between Putin and Obama continue.. more tit for tat coming.. Putin un-moved, stiff.”

“Death, one will pass.. many more sick.. the chicken unbelievably bad.. unacceptable conditions.. strike ready”

Eric’s Comments: You were given the impression with the special force operation they where grabbing military men.


26 thoughts on “Notes on 3-28-14”

  1. Hi Eric,
    Just wondering, on the comment regarding the “chicken” unbelievably bad – did they literally mean chicken?


    1. Yes I believe they did, on one way it would imply a massive food contamination or contagion, or it could be seen as a factory strike. They have predicted before various contagions. “The pig will make everyone sick and paranoid” which became the swine flu.”(Prior to this blog), health issues is always apart of their predicting, in hindsight though I should have asked where.

      1. “many more sick.. the chicken unbelievably bad.”

        I suspect they are talking about H7N9, at least, that’s what I thought of immediately when I saw it. Here is a collection of news stories about it:

        I make no claims to be able to predict the future, but I just have a.. feeling about this one.

    1. I think they are talking about either food poisoning or a contagion like bird flu. Some of the prediction also implied perhaps a large strike. They have on several occasions predicted situations where health concerns pop up in the world.

  2. Dear Eric, your prediction for a Special Ops mission. Could it relate to a possible capture of Al Quada number 2 man Ayman al-Zawahiri? That would be considered a great victory for the US.

  3. Great minds/spirits think alike. It occurred to me last night that the special ops mission for the US for which we’d celebrate might be the extrication of the Nigerian girls from their kidnappers. Now wouldn’t that be beautiful! Peace.

      1. Obama said (finally) that he traded Bergdahl because they had tried to rescue the prisoners several months ago ( Although I’m not sure why that would effect the rescue attempt). The rescue failed because someone unknown had tipped ISIS that the US was mounting a rescue; ISIS then had time to move the captured prisoners.

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