Malaysia Plane Search Moves North-East

It looks like this prediction is beginning to happen because there is a new ‘credible lead’ in the search, directing the search to the north-east. The countdown the spirits presented ends around the 29th, I hope this countdown has a credible breakthrough for the sake of all of those mourning with uncertainty. The predictions:

Notes on 3-16-14
“Look to the south..”
“Passenger 45.. is to blame.”
Notes on 3-13-14
“The plane will be found North East of where you’re looking”
Notes on 3-24-14 Locating Missing Plane
I had a visual of the spirits pulling out a map and laying it down, on the map was Indonesia, in the center of the map was Bali.
“Indonesia.. around the area of Bali.. not just the sea.. north-east of where you are looking now.. 5,4,3,2,1,0.. Those of you who can convince them to look in that area please make those efforts.”

The Facts on 3-28: The search area for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been moved following a “new credible lead”, Australian officials say.
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (Amsa) said the search would now focus 1,100km further north-east in the southern Indian Ocean. Quoted News:

15 responses to “Malaysia Plane Search Moves North-East”

  1. Cindy Avatar

    Glad to see the prediction unfolding Eric. I never doubted you or your Spirit Guides. If only more would listen! Kudos to you and your Guides. Your accuracy is spectacular with most predictions! Keep up the great work.

  2. Fran Avatar

    This is a scam, this idiot posted this “prediction” of the plane after her read it. LMAO!

    1. RJ Avatar

      I would suggest you learn to read before commting next time, because your comment is so wrong it is the scam

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Thanks RJ. I couldn’t agree with you more. People fear what they don’t understand and can’t explain and thus remain in the dark. Eric and his Spirit Guides who work to help humanity have proven themselves over and over again many times for many years. A person would only need to open their eyes and mind a little to see it. Oh and opening their heart up couldn’t hurt either.

  3. Jess Avatar

    Fran, maybe it would be best you don’t follow such scams and leave it to those who are truly interested instead of being so negative. Nobody is forcing you to read this blog.

  4. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

    Thank you everyone for coming to my defense. I am not sure what Fran is basing this on? Under every post is the wording “posted on – then the date”. The first predictions about a plane crash started in January and the plane was missing around March 8th. Some critics have said that you can edit the post after the fact. But one of the reasons I chose ‘Word Press’ is because if you are a ‘follower’ via email you receive your own emailed version of every prediction we make. Once it is emailed to the follower it would be impossible for me to edit or change that prediction, not to mention the date is verified as all emails are dated. I would encourage all of you including my critics to please sign up to be a ‘follower’ this allows your own authentication of my work, and by all means share the emails with others who might question it.

    1. Camilla Avatar

      I trally like your site. I have left a comment here also. Thank you.

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        Thank you. I hope you continue to follow the predictions.

  5. Camilla Avatar

    Fran, you have a choice to follow or not follow this blog. To us, by your comments, it would seem that you would want to do the latter of the two and not follow. Or open your mind and take a chance and prove yourself wrong by clicking the button and “Follow” so you get Word Press predictions that are dated and see for yourself.. Until you can prove a scam you should not accuse Eric of one. Thank you.

  6. Nolan Rowley Avatar

    Eric, I contacted CNN news media with this information, as in hopes that someone within our Government ‘might’ take this Malaysia Plane prediction (all 5 posts from March 24th to the 30th) into account.

    I hope this does not upset you, as YOU might very well be the messenger with the proper technology to be able to truly solve this plane mishap/tragedy.

    As you requested, I was ‘able to get your predictions out to the world’ even more so. What CNN does with this information from you, we can yet wait and see.

    Ty for ALL the wonderful purpose that you serve for our world! Please continue to do your magic as you continue to work for the spirits.

    ~ Nolan Rowley

  7. Kate Friday Avatar

    Hi Eric, have you asked the Spirits about a place called Diego Garcia for the location of the plane?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Is that by the Maldives? They pointed to Indonesia, but they did imply the plane was closer to a land mass, so it could be.

      1. Kate Friday Avatar

        yes, the Maldives

  8. Kate Friday Avatar

    yes the Maldives

  9. Archie90 Avatar

    I’m wondering if there are any updates on MH370 8 years on

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