Possible Debris From Missing Plane

Possible debris found from missing plane. If it is the airplane then 20 seems to represent March 20th. We will wait to see how the situation unfolds before adding any more to this prediction. The Predictions:

Notes on 1-17-14 I saw a plane that was on the tarmac, on its tail was the number 20. “too late.”

Notes on 1-15-14 I had a visual of an airplane in mid-air and then it exploded, it switched and I looked at the ground, the debris was everywhere. “Terror took their lives” — 26

Notes on 3-16-14
“Look to the south..”
“Passenger 45.. is to blame.”

The Facts on 3-20-14: Possible debris off Australia a ‘credible lead’ for missing Malaysia jet.

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  1. Shirley Vickman Avatar

    Ithought spirit said it was NORT EAST of where they were looking. Australia is far from N.E.


    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It was a mixed message, your right.

  2. Elaine Avatar

    That’s what I remember too.

  3. runsheeprun Avatar

    The passenger list I looked up listed passenger 45 as a 3 years old from china.

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    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Interesting but I think they mean 4 to 5 passengers.

  4. RJ Avatar

    I personally believe it will show a non terrorist event, a major incident with the plane took place.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There are several unanswered questions including with the spirits. “North East?” What about the notes from 1-10-14 is that apart of the flight? Terror could also just be fear? We have to wait and see.

      1. RJ Avatar

        that is what i think you were meant to get, terror as in fear. perhaps if you ask what happened to the plane, as in the event that caused this, to me there are two options, I want to say a major event took place with the plane, but i have always had on my perception the possibility that a military mistook it for something else. do you want to try something other than the group you work with to see if you can progress an answer

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          I think its best if we all just wait

  5. annie Avatar

    forgive me for being sceptical, but messages seem to be accomodated to events: North east is not the place, terror is now open to whatever it might be, volcano seems to be updated after a news blog that an iceland volcano is about to blow where before the message was about central america (where volcanoes are erupting all the time)

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Skeptical is good. The Plane predictions have multiple questions, contradictions and vagueness. What does 20 and 26 mean, north east vs south, is the elevator message connected?? There are several messages that seem in question. I would encourage you to wait and see how it all unfolds before making your determination on their work.

    2. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      As for the Volcano I am not following you?? Unless your not looking at the full body of work. The original prediction on 3-3-14 was “The volcano will suddenly grow with activity and we are here to tell you it will blow.” Can you please provide the news site with date that shows that the news was reported first? Because from what I heard the news begin reporting Iceland rumblings on March 18th, 19th. We asked the spirits to verify that they were talking about Iceland to which they said on the 19th “The volcano will erupt in Iceland.. another in central America.. March.. April.. and the beginning of May”. The last time Iceland volcano erupted over a year ago from what I have read.

      1. Lori Avatar

        Hi Eric,
        Here is what I found about the Iceland volcano and the timing there of:
        In this article (dated march 19) it references a “report published in the Icelandic newspaper Morgunblai on Monday that according to GPS monitoring of the expanding surface, there is now more magma underneath Hekla than before the volcano’s last eruption in 2000, Hekla volcano ‘could erupt soon,”. I guess Monday would be the 17th (our time), but not sure how wide spread this would have been on the 17th. I am not sure if this helps or hinders, I simply started looking for information on the Iceland volcano after reading the all the comments. I wasn’t even aware the volcano was “acting up”.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Thanks Lori for the help. Sounds like the volcano activity did not start to around the 18th, 19th.

    3. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Also was the prediction on 3-11: “The volcano will erupt soon.. 787″ ..787 could be around the 18th as it is in 7 days. Still working on a location, it was implied to be Central America but that contradicts previous snow messages. They also showed a man with two different eye colors which could mean two different locations.” Now it did not erupt yet but the news brought attention to Iceland volcano around the 18th.

  6. annie Avatar

    i think i would bemore useful to leave the messages clean as they come and not put your own filter over it, there is way to much interpretation on the site moving attention away from actual messages

  7. Linda Avatar

    I disagree with Annie, I think your comments are important, even if they sometimes seem to add to the confusion. I want your interpretaion also, since you are the one recieving the messages. What a gift you have, and thank you for the web site, I enjoy it very much…

  8. paul2k99 Avatar

    I dont understand what you expect from Eric , he is a nice guy trying to help. Have you ever try to contact spirit world? I cant repeat many times you cannot match exactly what is seen there with physical events and precise dates its impossible ,if you have been any time awake in the astral world you will understand why

    1. A Avatar

      I agree with Linda. Your interpretations are helpful, Eric. I have been following this blog for about six months. My suggestion to skeptics, keep following the blog and watching world events. Eric and the Spirits he communicates with genuinely want to help and are typically correct with the predictions. Thank you Eric and the Spirits you communicate with. : )

      1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

        ‘A’ that really sums it up perfectly. Yes to us trying very hard at work. But the Spirits don’t have a perfect system in place and its more about their consistency overall then one prediction. Thanks.

  9. Think first Avatar

    I think the front landing gear caught fire in the wheel well, and as the fire consumed the electrical system, it disabled the transponder and ACAR, or the pilots pulled the “busses”, disabling them. The pilot did the right thing by turning toward the nearest airport in Pulau Langkawi. It matches the “turn” and is a direct line from the radar account of the airplanes heading.. The attitude readings from radar at 45,000 ft and 25,000ft indicate a stall (planes stall at high altitude) which we could speculate the pilot went to a higher altitude where there is less oxygen to extinguish the flames, stalled, and recovered. The pilots were probably too busy, overcome by smoke, or the center control panel where the radio dials is located had burned and melted away, which would explain why they didn’t make contact. A swissair cockpit flight caught fire back in 1998, and was 15 minutes from Halifax when it ditched in the ocean. In that situation the pilots pulled the “busses” which disabled the transponder and ACARS. Regardless, in my opinion without trying to be psychic, there was a fire onboard. I would bet the pilots were overcome by smoke, the plane continued on its heading, and eventually crashed in the Indian Ocean.

  10. mauree Avatar

    Eric, has there been any more information about an earthquake in Israel this month? Do you think or can you ask if any of the news about Israel has to do with the blood moon eclipse coming there in April?

    1. Kate Friday Avatar

      Hi Eric, please ask the Spirits about a top secret military base in Diego Garcia.

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