Notes on 3-19-14

“In the end.. out of compromise.. out of what everyone wants.. and can agree to.. Crimea will become its own sovereign country.. with strong ties to Russia.”

“The volcano will erupt in Iceland.. another in central America.. March.. April.. and the beginning of May”

“A massive scandal.. NYPD.. cover up.. secret is out.. in regards to response.. rooted in May.”

Eric’s Comments: So many of you have asked me to connect with Spirit in finding the missing flight. We plan to have an answer for you in the next set of ‘Notes’ or predictions. It’s not something we normally do so we need extra time to get it right.

19 thoughts on “Notes on 3-19-14

  1. Please do try to connect with the spirits regarding Venezuela. Why so much evil and hate? What is going to happen? What do us venezuelan citizens have to do do to see a positive change in our country? I’m deeply thankful of an early March response to one of my emails in one of your notes. Regards, Lili.

  2. So what you saying that there we’ll be no war with Russia ,Ukraine or USA ? X

    1. The spirits are predicting new war in the middle east and soon, Invasion like, part of it comes across as Israel issue while other predictions talk about a final end to the war in Syria in 2014. China too, and the disputed islands, but that also comes across as an upheaval.

      1. Hi Eric, is the prediction concerning new war in middle east – possibly involving Israel – a new prediction or was this from a previous prediction? I went back through quite of few predictions and didn’t see it. Any sense on how “soon”? Thank you!

  3. This is where people decide if it’s possible to get any answers and wheather to believe there is any connection with spirits Eric

    1. Its an interesting thought, but at their core, the Spirits I work for make predictions of the future, for them to focus on a search is a bit out of their element, but for the sake of what is right, we are going to try.

      1. Well said, Eric! The Spirits that you deal with do and say what is meaningful to you to help in the way they see fit. Others may see other things by other Spirits. Mine is more personal, it seems. Mine is my grandfather and grandmother. However, my grandfather’s spirit was very specific about Russia in the future. The devastating earthquakes in three major cities in a two year time span in the US would cripple us in many ways. I hope that somehow your Spirits will begin to show you some of the things I saw with mine. For me, this “sight”, “gift” feels lonely. I feel like such a novice. I feel I don’t listen as well as I should sometimes. I admire that you are able to do it far better than me. I am trying to find my safety. To find my “home” beyond my move to San Diego. I know I was told I will one day have to move again. Personal spirit guides must show us things slightly different. Something is rotten in the State of Illinois. I am leaving it behind for good this weekend and told never to return. I mentioned a while back those reasons. Do you see those same things or is your focus more global and California? How do you know the difference between what pops in your head and what your Spirits are telling you? At one point, I could easily tell the difference but now I’m not eating as “cleanly” and feel that may be my block.
        I say focus on what you need to focus on and don’t press too hard. I learned Edgar Cayce had a massive stroke because his Spirits told him to only do two readings a day. He did not listen and did many more than that. Many believe that caused his fatal stroke. Sending you love, light and peace.

        1. Thanks. As for knowing its them talking instead of my minds wild thoughts, the thought seems intrusive, its not my thought. Almost like a feeling of ‘how did that get there.’

  4. In reference to the missing plane, I just feel this is a big smoke screen with this search effort. I feel the debris is being planted in the water. A lot of people are hiding the truth and know much more than is being said in the media… I feel it is a diversion to draw attention away from the real area they should be looking. trouble is brewing…

  5. Would you be able to tell us if there will be American military intervention in Ukraine, or even a war?

    1. They have implied upheavals within Ukraine, but from what they have predicted so far war seems to be a big no. They also say that Crimea will eventually become its own nation separate from both Russia and Ukraine. That prediction was ‘Notes on 3-3-14’.

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