Notes on 3-13-14

I had a vision of an uprising, protest, upheaval, the government or the advisories respond with brutal force, multiple deaths, a blood bath. In a bizarre part of the vision people where hiding behind metal boxes, and large metal fans but it did not work the fire power of the advisory killed the majority of those hiding because they had gatling guns. Again implying an obscenely unbalanced response to dealing with the uprising.

“The plane will be found North East of where you’re looking”

Eric’s Comments: The impression was the brutal bloody force came out of Asia, but it could be a more broad stroke message that current uprisings will become excessively bloody, currently there is uprisings in Turkey, Venezuela, Thailand, Ukraine, China’s-far west. The gatling gun could be symbolic to an overwhelming aggressive response.
As for the plane I know its vague, especially when they are looking in several locations, but they seem to push, point, towards a more North East location.

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  1. Israel and the Gaza… Gaza group known as Islam Jihads bombed Israel with 60 missiles… Israel has sent in tanks… No update yet. Do not believe Anything on our news stations, they are given shut up pay.

    Re: Malaysia Flight. – wouldn’t surprise me if it was hijacked by the US gov’t, there were 20 weapons engineers on board from China.

    If you re-call, the plane that went down in the pacific not too long ago where the man took a selfie of himself in the water? The main stream media never mentioned that a lady by the name of Mrs. Fuddy died in that crash, no attention was given to her and she was the only living person who could attest to where barack obama was born and the true identity of his birth parents.

    These are strange times my friend. Do not trust the MSM or any government.

  2. this plane search feels very much like a smoke screen, just the way they are trying to keep the worlds media focussed on it, releasing false information then dropping it the next day.

    1. It absolutely feels that way. Nothing adds up. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but all the constant change of information and not to mention 20 people on board worked for the department of defense involved in electronic warfare & weapons.

      Eric could this be the number 20 you have seen on a plane?

    2. That is the first feeling I got when I heard about this, government cover up. When the media showed a picture of a plane to the east of the radar that was faster than any plane on radar and then disappeared quickly, said it could have been a military plane (stealth). Also I feel the rise in altitude, then to drop back down was to kill all the passengers on the plane. Not a good feeling about world events to unfold here.

    1. Thanks Dana. I’ve actually been searching and tagging things for the past three days. The website has had a few issues due to it being overloaded with so many people wanting to help search, but that just gives me all the more hope for humanity. We really are one big global village and already I can see the good that is coming out of this horrible situation.

  3. Protest, bloodbath, uprising, etc. are happening enough throughout the last decade. So there’s nothing new to predict.

  4. Eric is there a chance that some of the things that the Spirits said which were thought to be for the Sochi Olympics may actually have been about this missing plane? Such as “more inland” and “north east”?

  5. what I got when the plane went missing: I seen a crowd of people in the light…one women was yelling “instant death”, “terrorists” “devastating” “chaos”. I seen a deep wooded forest/jungle and Vietnam flashed before me…. “government” was yelled… I seen a “man with a brief case” and was a “very important top official” on the plane. I seen two men flying the plane, not the pilots…contemplating what to do…they didn’t want to die, but “knew” they had to.

  6. I think Kate Friday is onto something. Those 20 weapons engineers. I looked up the company and it’s amazing what they can do, including unmanned air and ground vehicles, seriously ahead of their times of what we know. Maybe EMP technology was used to cut off all communications and it was to stop a meeting between those engineer tekks and China.

    1. It is my belief that the plane, nor the passengers will ever be found, they are not meant to be. Historically speaking, when something of this nature has unfolded in the past, a group has come forth and taken responsibility for it. The US government will not do so. They have carried this mission out in order to help guarantee that they, and only they, have the ultimate EMP capabilities so that they can carry on with their hidden agenda.

  7. I just found this site tonight. I am far from a conspiracy theorist. Prior to last year, I was just a normal guy battling cancer and just being happy and avoiding news and TV all together. Mostly would watch British comedy for entertainment. But ever since October, I have been getting visions (trances). I had brain surgery from brain cancer and am fully on the mend. But I cleaned my diet and got rid of all GMOs, Sugars (even fruits except raw unfiltered tbsp honey), and gluten all to help get better quicker. I did not realize it would open me up mentally. When I did that, I started going in these weird trances before bed. And “saw” things. This was early October. At first, I just thought I was crazy, then the things I “saw” started coming true. World Events. Even went to a therapist and my minister and both said I was just fine. In the first vision, I saw the uprising of Ukraine and Russia attacking. I saw Russia come for America. I saw their warship off the Florida coast and our president telling him to back down. I was told at that point, I must leave my beloved city of Chicago and head to a California. Specifically to San Diego. My grandfather, who has been dead since 1990 came to me in his military uniform with my grandma (who passed in 1985) beside him. They gave me a warning and to heed it. He showed me an earthquake, riots, military force, and explosion in my beloved city of Chicago by the end of 2014 and that I must pack up my home in Chicago and never return. I really wanted to move to San Francisco but my grandfather said it would soon be crippled with an earthquake and I would have to leave there anyway. That I was to immediately go to San Diego and set up a home and live for a few years, and to volunteer with our Navy doing office work and fighting for my country (like he did in WWII) as Russia was coming. I was told that I would know when to move when the “first ship and threat were spotted”. I was then shown NOT to get on a plane on the day I move. So I’m going by train or bus instead. “I will be safe there, he said”. In another vision I had in November, I snapped out of it with a deep breath and immediately called my mom as I was crying so hard and told her to withdraw all of her money from the bank until after Christmas. It was then she told me the story of when I was a child, I was like this. I don’t remember it because as she put it, it scared me once when I predicted a horrible world event at 6 years old, and she thinks I shut it off. Well, as you know, Target and other major companies were hit with the cyber bank attacks from last week of November until before Christmas. My mother and I both realized, it probably saved us both as those were stores we frequent.
    The other weird thing is when the story of the Malasyian jet disappeared, I went to sleep that night and had a dream that it had landed somewhere “desert like”. I heard the captain, and two others talking in arabic in the cockpit. I saw them land the plane in my dream. It was so real. I awoke from the dream and called a good friend who works for the CIA and told him my dream because I had opened up to him about other things I had seen that had come true in the three prior visions.
    I think the plane story will somehow be covered up by a bogus plane. Maybe something similar to what happened on the TV Show LOST.
    Now I am out of my element here and am unsure who to even talk to. I am so glad other people are seeing things too. That I am not the only one. I am an average, college educated, kind guy who isn’t used to having “visions”. Thank you for having this page.

    1. Thank you for telling us, very interesting, could it be the Australian desert ?, where nobody lives

    2. Jon very interesting…I also seen the passengers dying together very quickly…I then seen a flash from the movie the boy in striped pajamas…when they open the shower room and poured the powder resin in to kill everyone. At first I didn’t understand why I would see this!? Now I am thinking holy crap! I know “government” is defiantly a part of this and it is being held from the public. You are a regular guy here on earth, in this life…but you are here to help during these harsh times. Stay safe, and use your gift for good! xxoo

      1. thank you so much mitmits2001, I am still so new to this concept of realizing my gift and so thankful I found Eric’s site and realize now I am not alone anymore. I was feeling so isolated in seeing all these things and watching them come true. And I will always use it for good. I am hoping we find peace in our differences in this country before its too late and our guard is down and the Russians are attacking from all sides. I feel them coming. I saw them coming. We must ban together. They can catch us off guard when we are bombarded with riots, earthquakes and natural disasters. I want so much to keep my friends, countrymen and nation safe on all borders. It is why I think Eric’s forum is very necessary.

    3. Jon, I live in northern Indiana and have found your gift and predictions very real. Strange, my oldest daughter is moving to San Diego, California with her boyfriend who is a Marine this summer. I have been wanting to move west for a long time and keep having a driving voice telling me to get out of this area. I love Eric’s site and found it to be the best and detailed yet. Nostradamus was pretty right on with what is presenting itself now and some other psychic sites have said the same things that are being predicted here. The earthquakes and terrorism is predicted for Chicago and so is crazy weather as we have seen especially this winter. Myself and two of my kids have a gift too and we haven’t been able to sleep and have that sinking feeling of what is to come, not good. I pray for all of us in this world!

  8. lets ask for more info on north east. north east of what? can they give something of a marker like island or city

    1. We are actually asking now for either what land mass or which ‘sea’ to look into, but again we are still trying to catch up with other predictions.

  9. Could “north east” have anything to do with this prediction: “The bugs land in Taiwan.. discord.. upheavals.. rough seas.. not its best year.”

  10. on my behalf ask the conductor for a sign from heaven above to pin point plane for people/governments/countries. see if this works.

    1. Hi Eric, Please ask the Spirits about a top secret US military base in Diego Garcia.

  11. Hi Eric,

    Breaking news:
    PERTH, Australia (AP) — The search zone for the Malaysian airliner that crashed in the Indian Ocean nearly three weeks ago has shifted 1,100 kilometers (680 miles) to the northeast after new analysis of radar data suggested the plane flew faster than thought and used more fuel, which may have reduced the distance it traveled, Australia said Friday.

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