Bitcoin Bankruptcy

This prediction has already been posted. But now that everything seems to be falling apart I thought it would be important to share the prediction again. Bitcoin is not gold but from its look I could understand how spirit would see it as gold.

Notes on 12-14-13
“Gold broken.. it was good for more than a little while”

The Facts: Bitcoin losses spur Mt. Gox to bankruptcy filing. Quoted News:

In other news: Nothing unfolded in the marked dates, ‘2 minutes’ my only thought is that they might be referring to the 2nd. Either way I have considered it a failed prediction.

Spirit has shown a large mass of land with a large crack in it, their point was to show a very wide incident. I have to assume we are talking about an earthquake. We will be asking for details tonight.


4 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bankruptcy

  1. Could the large crack of land have anything to do with mudslides or something from the current storm we are having?


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