Cyclone Dylan

This prediction is mixed, around Christmas there was a Cyclone that hit Australia but it was not in Queensland, now the rest of this prediction seems to be happening, but does not explain the ‘gifts’. Ironically they marked the 31st as a key date in another prediction.

Notes on 11-28-13 Australia Cyclone
In Australia, a cyclone.. northern.. Queensland.. when the gifts are wrapped.

Notes on 1-6-14
Certain dates are marked without their months:  “7″ perhaps the 7th.. 731 or the 31st.. and 1:10 again which should mean the 10th.

The Facts on 1-31-14:
Queensland is bracing for a tropical cyclone that is currently developing off the north east coast of Australia.
Evacuation centres are being set up in Townsville ahead of the storm, which is expected to bring gale force winds and a storm tide by Friday. Quoted News:

7 responses to “Cyclone Dylan”

  1. designbutterfly Avatar

    Australia Day just passed this week, and it’s Chinese New Year… not sure if either would merit gifts, but…

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Oh you might have something there, maybe its just a blanket message of gift time. I know it is common for gifts during the New year, but is that the case for Australia Day, or is Australia day like the 4th here, fireworks and hot dogs?

      1. Tina Avatar

        During Chinese New Year, Red Packets are given with monetary gifts inside. It is a common practice for special occasions in China, and especially for the New Year.

      2. AussieGal Avatar

        Fireworks, BBQs and beer.

  2. anthony bell Avatar
    anthony bell

    I asked for rain in calfornia and a mild hurricane or tropical storm to end the drought which would be a gift. You never now unless you ask.

  3. mitmits2001 Avatar

    I know the whole Christmas spirit doesn’t leave many people until the end of January…I know I keep things up till then, and I know a ton of people who do to!

  4. Dana Kelly Avatar

    I would go with the Chinese New Year as the dates are closer together. Australia Day is not a day for gift giving, more a day for drinking and barbeques

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