Bank of America Examined

This prediction is unfolding.

Notes on 1-24-14
Sour, corruption, scandal, shell company or like it — Wall Street
The showed a car parked and on the bumper was a sticker that said “Bank of America” and then it drove away.

The Facts reported on 1-25-14: “Bank of America trading practices examined. Feds investigating whether bank executed its own futures trades ahead of large orders for clients. Federal prosecutors and regulators have investigated whether Bank of America improperly executed its own futures trades ahead of large orders executed for its clients, a financial regulatory filing shows”. Quoted News:

Eric’s Comments: The actual examination started months before but the news is being reported now. This new process of world predictions does seem to work though. Thanks Paul for the info.

4 responses to “Bank of America Examined”

  1. Sarah Will Avatar

    Let hope that the average person is not affected, this could be que for anyone that has money inside of these banks to see now how they can look after their investment…
    Love To You All

  2. Kate Friday Avatar

    8 world bankers have committed suicide… And I don’t think it’s “suicide” at all.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It is weird. Why are they all doing it?

      1. Kate Friday Avatar

        I don’t think it’s suicide Eric, I think it’s murder.

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