How Do We Bring About Change?

I asked the Spirits for some clarity on how to best alter these predictions?

“Put a beam of light over it.. media blitz.. make everyone aware.. and even if nothing changes at least they will know our word is sound.. Do it again and again.. edging us closer to goal.. Wait for us.. we will make note to that.. a call for action.. that is more easily cracked”

Eric’s Comments: They used the 2013 storms Haiyan and Ingrid that had potential to be altered. Some predictions will not be altered no matter what we do. So from here on out they will make note of those predictions that have the greatest potential for change.


6 thoughts on “How Do We Bring About Change?

  1. Thanks for asking this question, and thanks to your friends for the answer. It is simple enough to put a beam of light onto these things anytime during the day when I think of it. Let’s hope we get enough light for some real change. I love what you do Eric, thank you so much.

  2. Thank You Eric
    I posted a Love Message on YouTube and I wish to share with all your compassionate Group. I Love You All


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