Notes on 12-4-14

I had a vision of the United States map, California was colored yellow.
“There are two earthquakes.. they are still coming.. one small cracker coming very soon.. then a much larger one in a few hours.. Both are in the North California area.. nix on any specific city.. all the information is there.” – Spirits Voice
Previous Prediction: “Earthquake.. North-west.. in 1 minute (one day).. the clock sits at 2 and half.. 5-7,8″

Also.. 1:10.. 1:10

Glossary Reference: Hour, Cracker
Eric’s Comments: A cracker is coming very soon to North California. My assumption of one minute was hasty. “All the information is there.” Perhaps there is something in 5..7..8. Their message of a few hours/months from now sounds like the march prediction written in the 2014 Predictions.
1:10 has popped up several times, its key to one of the predictions. It’s possible they mean January 10th, if so it would be a better way of predicting time.
We have a procedural change. They want me to stop asking so many questions and allow the information to flow. Then at the very end focus all of our attention on one prediction, to make that one prediction a perfect circle as they say. So if there is a prediction from the past that you feel we need to bring clarity to please mention it in the comment section.
Finally we are considering a recap of the 2013 predictions, if that’s something you would like to see or you feel it’s too redundant please share your thoughts.

31 thoughts on “Notes on 12-4-14

  1. Eric for the Northern California earthquake are we still using some info from your past predictions? As in 3 is key 3, after a gathering of people, and something to do with miniature flags? I see that Presidents Day is always the third Monday in February. So I believe would be 17 Feb this year. Fairly close to getting into the month of March. The third month. And people do gather for BBQ’s on that day. I don’t know about miniature flags unless they do that in the DC Capital area maybe? I know a lot of people just put out their big flags.
    Also , I dont know about the other’s, but I like the idea of a recap of the 2013 predictions. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  2. I’ll second the recap, I think it’s a good idea.
    Re the earthquake – the ‘5-7, 8’ bit – could they be referring to the magnitudes of the two earthquakes, one being between 5 & 7, followed by the larger one at magnitude 8? Am now thinking maybe not, because that would make both fairly large earthquakes and they say the first one is small.. Just a thought.

  3. I really enjoy your comments and insights after the messages. Hearing what you think they mean, or might mean is valuable. Thanks.

  4. Hi, also if we can ask about previous predictions, where do things stand with the 11-5-13 statements regarding the Kracken? Again, thanks!

  5. Hi Eric
    Can you ask the spirits if the earthquake will be in the Los Angeles area. I’m going to California in march once husband returns from deployment to visit family and now I’m not wanting to go!!! Lol. By the way I love your work enjoy reading your predictions and I will agree it would be nice to do a recap of 2013 predictions especially about Florida storm since I live in Florida 🙂 thank you for doing what you do 😉

    1. Thanks Ana, we are expecting the earthquake in North California, but they are hesitant to put a city to it, I guess its going to be far reaching.

  6. Eric, we are experiencing a very harsh winter here in Canada, extreme cold and lots of freezing rain. Did you foresee any of this in your predictions? In answer to your question…I would like to see a recap…and I think your spirits gave you good advice to let the information flow rather than ask questions.

    1. Thanks Bev, I know we predicted a cold winter but it was geared towards the US. They predicted the winter would be “worse than the norm” Notes on 9-28-13

    2. We always have eyes for Canada and continue to predict events. The last one being the fire in Kingston Ontario. Is there any major events or issues that they could look into for Canada?

      1. We have experienced scandals at all levels of government, particularly in the last year.Our current government is led by the Conservatives…I am curious to know which of the three main parties will lead in the next election – Conservatives, Liberals, or New Democrats. There is also a push to legalize marijuana…I wonder if that will happen?

  7. Hi Erik, I’ve read a lot about 3 being key, could they be taking about reactor 3 in Fukushima going bad?

  8. Eric, Regarding the earthquake, might it mean on Jan. 10, 2014 at 2:30 (am/pm) two earthquakes, one 5.7 and the other 5.8, an 8.0 would be devastation for the people closes to the epic center, hopefully it will occur in the mountains which are less populated. I ask since I live in California, and even though you try not to focus on earthquakes, it is always there in the back of your mind. Also thanks for your website, outstanding all around and very interesting and informative.

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