Syria Bombs Lebanon

This Prediction is starting.
Notes on 11-27-13
“Ok that’s it” as if fed up “One nation attacks another” I had a visual of a bomb falling from the sky, a nation was under attack. “It is a testament to whether or not the UN is a functioning purposeful body.”

Notes on 12-28-13
They showed model space ships from star wars, and said that prediction is about to happen. “Next” – Here they are using a pun or symbolic gesture to describe a specific prediction from the past, that is about to happen. Thoughts anyone

The Facts on 1-1-14: Syrian warplanes bombed on Wednesday a barren range of Lebanese hills used by Syrian rebels and refugees to cross between the two countries, wounding at least 10 Syrians who were rushed to hospital in a nearby Lebanese town. Quoted News:

Eric’s Comments: On notes from Notes 11-30-13 as well as Predictions of 2014 it is implied that Syria attacking its neighbor will lead to a battle between Syria and its neighbor. The 12-28 message is just a symbolic gesture that Spirit knows which prediction will unfold next, a war or battle.

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  1. Sarah Will Avatar
    Sarah Will

    Hi Eric
    I know I Am newish here (as I have written before:) without causing alarm, could you ask spirit if the space ship etc Star Wars… Could this, I must be careful how to word this but, the events that’s unfolded in the Japanese 2011. I wish not to say anymore than this because, of what I’ve seen in my minds eye. Thank You.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      That one already happened, ‘next’ ended up being the bombing of Lebanon and the much expected response to Syria’s attack. “Wars” in the air so to say.

  2. jules104 Avatar

    Hi Eric. Are you suggesting that the battle which Syria will have with its neighbor is related to the 2014 Predictions? Number 5, Israel will have a bloody conflict with its neighbor? I think that’s how it went. So the battle ( not war?)would be between Israel and Syria?

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      No they are two separate predictions, Israel war and Syria being attacked by its neighbor, I guess it is possible to be the same but unlikely. When you look at the expected Israel conflict they talk about lemonade, and question whether Israel is the transgressor.

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