Turkey Scandal

Has this prediction happened in Turkey. Perhaps they used the ‘US’ as an example of a ‘government’ scandal. I can’t help but see the reflection of what is unfolding in Turkey and the Prime Minister as it relates to the Prediction. Not our most accurate work if that is the case.

Notes on 12-19-13
“US representatives.. senate / congress.. a scandal looms.. word is getting out.. oh the lies are coming.. from the highest seat.. all of the scandal that is assumed, is true in abundance” They showed the inside of the Capital and showed the seat above the others, that would have to mean Harry Reid or John Boehner.

The Facts on 12-26: Turkish prime minister says he believes he is the ultimate target of a corruption and bribery probe of his allies that has shaken the government.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a group of journalists that anyone attempting to enmesh him in the scandal would be “left empty handed.” His comments were published in Hurriyet and Yeni Safak newspapers on Thursday.

Erdogan reshuffled his Cabinet on Wednesday, replacing 10 ministers hours after three ministers, whose sons were detained in relation to the probe, resigned. One of those ministers called on Erdogan to also step down.

The ministers’ sons were questioned over the scandal focusing on alleged illicit money transfers to Iran and bribery for construction projects. Two of them were later arrested on bribery charges Quoted News: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2013/12/26/turkey-erdogan-says-attempts-to-link-him-to-corruption-scandal-will-fail/

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  1. Sarah Will Avatar

    Sorry Eric,
    I know that I Am newish to your page however what a Joy to see such Love. I was thinking, within, and maybe through this Turkey scandal other scandals come to fruition adding the Nick prediction and the US prediction. However; as we all know they all are given what to do as soon as they get in office. So, it is almost that those that hide away abundant in money may finally find out that we as the people of the World finally know that which we could not know until these things unfold. Making a negative and we turning it to a positive in our. Beautiful Planet Earth. Here’s to Dreaming again. Although Dreams Do Come True

    One Love

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