Cyclone Christine

This prediction is happening in the north-west region of Australia, nowhere near Queensland though. The Cyclone begin to form sometime around the 26th of December.

Notes on 11-28-13 Australia Cyclone
In Australia, a cyclone.. northern.. Queensland.. when the gifts are wrapped.

Eric’s Comments: Late December? I have to assume the gifts are Christmas shopping making it the second half of December but before December 26th. Otherwise we are looking at March around my birthday. The location is sketchy are they saying Northern Queensland, or are they predicting a cyclone from the Northern Territory to Queensland. Please Australia take precautions.

The Facts on 12-28: Tropical Cyclone Christine: Weather bureau declares category one cyclone forms off WA north coast.
Western Australia’s Pilbara and Kimberley regions are on high alert after the weather bureau confirmed a tropical depression had developed into a cyclone which is expected to make a “severe” impact as early as Monday.
It is expected to be a category three storm when it crosses the Pilbara coast. Quoted News :

6 responses to “Cyclone Christine”

  1. Dorothy Avatar

    Thanks Eric but I’m no where near the Cyclone

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      There is another one coming. This time though we will ask for the details, because they mentioned Sydney in the second one? Melbourne / Sydney are is to large as it ties into Queensland.

  2. Dorothy Avatar

    We don’t normally have them down that way so we see what happens thanks for the warning hope we don’t get to much in Queensland

  3. AussieGal Avatar

    Cyclones are a normal part of the summer season in the North of WA. Usually they approach the coast and fizzle, this one is gaining strength. The people in the top end are used to this kind of weather and so know how to batten the hatches, the real problem arises when the cyclones go back out to sea and head south – hasn’t happened though since Albie in 79 I think.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      It was a mixed prediction, on one end the timing was very close, but their location is off, Its a work in progress I guess, in the old days, (a year ago) we would just say Australia, now we want more specifics, which seem a hit and miss. We are expecting a huge storm on the other side, we will try and make adjustments, be more crystal clear.

      1. AussieGal Avatar

        It’s not an easy thing I’ll bet. Australia is so very big. Just to give you an idea, the land mass of the U.K fits into the land mass of just the state of WA some 10 and a half times.

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