Bombing in Egypt

This prediction has happened. Note the actions of the spider as it reflects the path of the terrorist act, from up above to the ground,  we again failed to provide a location.

Notes on 12-22-13
I had a visual of a spider crawling down a wall and moving hastily across the floor. Then I saw a fire starting with flames at a door or entrance. Then I had a visual of a person falling.
The 23rd is marked.
Glossary Reference: Spider

Notes on 12-19-13
I had a visual of a large fire or explosion with a massive amount of smoke on the ground.
Glossary Reference: Smoke

The Facts on 12-23: At least 14 people were killed, 130 injured, when two explosions hit an Interior Ministry building, according to media reports from Egypt.
Part of the building collapsed after the explosion. Most of those killed were police officers inside headquarters, their bodies buried beneath the debris.
One blast occurred on one of the top floors of the building and was followed by a car bomb.

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  1. can’t add any comment on these predictions – they are totally opaque to me. Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas Eric, and a wonderful 2014. keep up the great work.

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