Origins of NSA Scandal

The last part of this prediction has become clear. This prediction was previously recapped as the infamous NSA spying scandal of the US. The Prediction:

Notes on 7-22-13
“Another White House scandal.. their trying to clean the walls.. there is a gap.. 30.. 1 week ago.. 10 days ago.. What are they doing over there?.. hidden lies.. shady, sleazy and dirty acts.”
They showed black cookies being cooked, as if to say sinful indulgent, but the verbiage points to sleazy acts, black representing something dark, morally wrong. An odd part is 1 week ago and 10 days ago. Normally that would mean 7 and 10 years ago, which puts it in the Bush administration? I guess some type of carry over?

The Facts on 12-21: Director of National Intelligence James Clapper explained in a statement Saturday that President George W. Bush first authorized the spying in October 2001, as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program, just after the Sept. 11 attacks. Bush disclosed the program in 2005.

The Terrorist Surveillance Program — which had to be extended every 30-60 days by presidential order — eventually was replaced by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act — a law that requires a secret court to OK the bulk collection

The disclosures are part of the White House’s campaign to justify the NSA surveillance, following leaks to the media about the classified programs by former agency contractor Edward Snowden.

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