Notes on 12-19-13

“The cracker.. earthquake.. large.. India China.. it’s coming very soon.. 001”

“US representatives.. senate / congress.. a scandal looms.. word is getting out.. oh the lies are coming.. from the highest seat.. all of the scandal that is assumed, is true in abundance” They showed the inside of the Capital and showed the seat above the others, that would have to mean Harry Reid or John Boehner.

I had a visual of China then Russia. The leaders of China were waving their fists in anger at President Putin who walked away. “The two nations have discord coming”

“The beast.. the storm.. approaches.. it will happen”

They showed a Mosque “Now.. Where are the rights for the people.. such hypocrisy.. bitter people.. disappointing resolute”

I had two other visuals that are incomplete and needs my attention:
I had a visual of a large fire or explosion with a massive amount of smoke on the ground.
They showed the planet and pointed to the polarity of the planet and implied something would shift or change.

Eric’s Comments: In regards to the earthquake ‘001’  could mean in one day making it the 20th-21st. It could also mean the next prediction. The beast could be a reference to the Kraken, we have two expected storms Florida and Australia. They made a point to show the structure of the Mosque perhaps they are talking about the building itself.

Glossary Reference: Cracker

15 thoughts on “Notes on 12-19-13

  1. Any inclination as to the lies/scandal that will come forth from the Capital? Obviously there’s a ton of that going on, curious as to what exactly spirits are referring to.

    Also – I’ve been reading a LOT lately about the possibility of the Earths poles flipping. Wow.

  2. Eric does it seem like they are implying a magnetic pole shift? I have seen other predictions for that to happen including the “Spiritmanjoseph blog spot #97”, amongst other ones I can’t recall who specifically right now, possibly John Hogue or Nostradamus. It does seem as though the Hopi Indian Prophecy about the change from the 4th to 5th World could be happening. The Spiritmanjoseph Blog also has a prediction on two Florida/South Coast hurricanes #62, I believe. The Spirit Guides seem to be really trying to raise our consciousness and awareness through people such as yourself. I hope people will pay attention. Also I am so grateful that these scandals going on within our political system will/are being brought to light no matter which party it is. Thanks again for your (and your Spirit Guides) dedication to trying to change and make our World a better place.

    1. We will have to wait until I get the details about the poles, but just so we are all more grounded their focus right now is the India-China Earthquake, they put this prediction on the back burner, so I don’t think its going to be some massive event.

  3. Before I comment, I would like you to know how much I admire these gifts you were given, and I feel grateful for your kindness in sharing what the spirits told you…
    I’ve been reading your blog for these past few days (quite astonished with the accuracy)
    But I cannot imagined how many people can be saved from disaster by just reading this and sees the signs of nature around them…. (and I know that if I am one of them, I will feel very grateful…:) )

    Back to the comment:

    the 20th or the 21st? Well it will be abnormally normal if that mayan shift that was predicted for last year happens this year (well, the bible does say no man may know when is the end of times, if there is a date that the world will least expect that something catastrophic will happen, it’s a year after doomsday :p )

    a change of shift? Well, with Iran’s changing regime (which I am sure will ease any negotiation between them and The West) and China and Russia are splitting up (or so the spirits say,) plus world-wide economy which is said to be “unpredicted” in 2014, a shift of power could have happened at any time…
    Well, if the pointing of earth’s polarity by the spirits means a big change, I’ll bet my wager on a shift of major power (which means a shift of polarity in politics) over shift of polarity (literally) which is almost impossible (despite the scientific calculation or stuff -,-)

    by the way, when the spirits said: “The beast.. the storm.. approaches.. it will happen” do they said that after the visual of China and Russia, or during the visual?
    (btw, Russia’s Putin is often revered as the biblical beast/antichrist (though me myself still doubt those biblical doomsday seeker’s claim about Putin, they have theory, but for me it’s not convincing enough))

    thank you for allowing me to comment, and sorry about the length 🙂

    ps.: I wonder if you could ask the spirits about the presidential election on my country next year (I’m Indonesian)
    there is one strong new-kid figure which everyone wants him to run for presidency, but I’m worrying about those political interest that may play behind him, I need to know will this m*********** regime last if he runs for it (or whether he will run or not? or whatever, I just want to know when will these politicians fall, you won’t even able to imagine how much corruption they’ve done to the state and the way of life of the people here…)
    Thank you once again 🙂

    1. Thanks. Lets wait to see what they have to say about the earths poles. The beast is more likely a reference to the Kraken prediction not nations. I can ask them about the elections over there, do you know when is the elections and who are the two candidates running.

      1. I agree with you: we can only wait for them to reveal more about the poles

        as for the elections:
        -we use a multi-party system (which means you can have more than 2 pairs of candidates, although there is a rule which I will explain soon enough)
        -before the presidential vote, we have a legislative vote, in which all the party that qualify in participating send their candidates to be voted by the people (and they send a lot because the choices for each district are different, and we have a lot of district in a lot of province. Of course, you can only choose once, in the area where you are registered)
        -these vote decide the amount of seats a party gets in the legislative for the next 5 years, and the amount of percentage each party gets (btw, not all party gets seats, because there is a minimum vote a party must get before they are allowed to have seats, but I won’t explain more about this because it is irrelevant to the question, though I will explain if you ask 🙂 )
        -a minimum amount of percentage is required for a candidate to be able to go for the presidential elections (this minimum amount is still unclear until now, we have the law from the previous election but, of course, political lobbying is still underway)
        -of course, you can see, in order to get to the minimum (or even the save) percentage, these parties will build coalition, and will choose the presidential and vice-presidential candidate
        -then after the voting committee qualifies/disqualifies the pairs, and after all of that campaign and stuff, the voting goes
        – the winner is the one who gets a minimum of 50%+1 votes, in which they must had at least 20% of the votes in each province
        -if the first round fails to find a winner, the second round participant consist of two pairs that gets most votes in the previous (and so the coalition and stuff goes again bla bla bla)

        (lol, I just finished describing the voting system yet it already took so long)

        okay, as it stands there are a lot of people that have declared to be interested in running the presidential, and there are some peoples who doesn’t show interest but his/her name is continuously spinned in the media as a presidential candidate
        (the voting committee records 36 names in their website but actually there are more, these 36 peoples are the ones considered to have the potential to gain voters from across the nation)

        one of these ‘seems uninterested’ person is a new rising-star in the political arena of the country, his name is Jokowi (he gets 3rd place in the world-best mayor ranking done by the world-wide mayor association in 2012, he also gets an article about him in Times if I wasn’t mistaken)
        he maybe a mayor (and a governor now actually..) but his name is already spinned by the media for the last 2 years
        Well, his styles are the one most perfect to pull the vote from the people whose heart already sore in getting lies and lies by corrupt politicians, he is ‘that one single person that will change the political map’ if he runs (or so did all survey say)

        the legislative election will be held on April 9th and the presidential election on July 9th

        lol, another long comment, sorry about that…
        thank you, eric… GBU 🙂

    1. keep in mind 27 is a key number, so I would not discount it just yet. The 23rd was a marked date and now fulfilled with the Spider, which ended up being a terror attack on Egypt,

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