Notes on 12-9-13

They presented another ‘O’ but presented it as an old record.

They have marked the 13th of December. This time we are planning to ask what is coming.

They have also marked September 2014 as an important timeframe for this blog or for the predictions.

Glossary Reference: O

Eric’s Comments: the ‘record’ could mean a prediction that is presented over and over again. Or perhaps its a prediction considered a failure that is back. September? One could hope that we are talking about a month in which we change the outcome of the event, but it could also represent a much larger audience.

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  1. Robert Larson Avatar
    Robert Larson

    The “O” represents the circle of life. The ancient symbol of the snake/serpent eating its tail. God knowing the end at the beginning and the beginning at the end. He is Omni-everything.

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