Notes on 12-8-13 Sniper

“The sniper will shoot the innocent.” – Spirits voice

I had a visual of a lady who was walking, then I heard a short snap, then a soft whistle. Her white shirt turned red with blood.

They showed a map of the United States and marked a south central area. (In what would be considered Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas) – They could be talking about another prediction but unlikely.


My Comments: I am starting to think the ‘colored markers’ aren’t about a school, perhaps its a symbolic message of ‘marked’ individuals, put my gut instinct has flaws, why are the markers colored? Why are they talking about a kid? Here are previous predictions that might or might not be related:

Notes on 12-2-13
I had a visual of what looked like colored markers or crayons lined up next to it there were bullets, then I heard shots fired. Five shots. “This is coming soon.. Not the nicest kid anymore.. poor popularity.. ” At the end they showed the number 7.

Notes on 11-27-13
I had a visual of a man laying down with a sniper rifle, looking into his scope.

7 thoughts on “Notes on 12-8-13 Sniper

  1. Eric, now the blog is looking very good, blue comments (yours) spirits, everything very clear, it is a puzzle very hard to get , hope this lady could be saved. but was amazed most, at least for me, is understand why so totally different kind of predictions, I mean sometimes spirits concentrate in one person (this lady) another they focus on big things like earthquakes , hurricanes, or war.
    I dont understand their priorities.

    1. Thanks Paul, any tragic event where lives could change for the better is their focus. But they acknowledge that storms and earthquakes have a much bigger chance of success.
      FYI: the reason they talk about politics and predict politics has an underline reason, that’s to point out the really bad leaders of the future, for now they are just reporting the happenings of politics, until there is something more dire to report.

  2. Does it seem like “a short snap and then a soft whistle” sound could be someone shooting a cross bow or compound bow? I know it says a sniper with a rifle but does a rifle make a short snap and soft whistle noise? My daughter has a compound bow for hunting and that’s what got me thinking about it. Also since I live in Colorado this prediction made me think of a recent incident. Someone has been shooting at cars on the interstate (C-470) from the near foothills around where I live. So far they’ve only hit the back windows. My thoughts at the time were that someone, possibly a young adult male, was working their way up to shooting people.

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