Notes on 10-22-13

I had a visual of a comet or meteor in the distant sky. Then it switched, in one area the ground was scorched, destroyed and damaged. I asked spirit for more clarity and they showed a soft ground being smashed.

“The stock market.. a company is a complete fraud, a lie, a farce on a massive scale. One huge con where other companies will lose massive amounts of money.. and individual life savings gone, lives destroyed financially ”

I saw in Africa a massive protest. Then they showed an even larger protest of civilians walking down a street like an army. It was huge. Then they showed a happy family in a picture with a beautiful green scene in the background, then it switched to a dry dead desert of nothing but barren waste.

It was implied in the south, are they saying southern Africa?

They showed Florida yet again, and said be careful the flooding will be really bad in the southern half of Florida.

30  120 Key numbers.

My comments: Be careful not to assume the worst with the comet/meteor, it could be damage on another planet, or it could be just one small fragment falling to earth. I want to make it clear that in no way are we predicting a dooms day prophecy. The protest; its location was muffled, the last part seems to imply why there was a protest.

21 thoughts on “Notes on 10-22-13

    1. Hi Marciano, there is a gruesome prediction on ‘Notes on 7-29-13’. We also have previous predictions about Virginia Soares de Souza and the flooding in Rio De Janeiro that we predicted in December but happened January of 2013. You can type in any of those key words in the search engine off to the right side and it will take you to the prediction. We will continue to focus on Brazil in the coming months so keep an eye on it.

  1. Eric,
    I was wondering if you ever got a location for the Northeast as far as weather related.
    Thank you,
    Laura M

    1. Nothing yet except one huge cold front, blizzard conditions that suppose to hit all of the east US including the south. They did mention a scary storm in NY NJ area but I think that has passed, and fizzled out. I will keep an eye out.

  2. Have you had any visions with California after the huge oar
    fish washed up on shore? It was on the news tonight, and rumor has it with these fish it is believed by many they do this when an earthquake is coming.

  3. Hi Eric, I’ve warned a few people about the hurricane and of course no one takes it seriously. I live on the east coast in the past that you posted but I can see how Tampa Bay could have serious flooding issues. Thanks for this site.

    1. Yes Shannon I understand. People thought I was completely crazy at one time, not any more though. In regards to the flooding they showed the bottom half of Florida having flooding issues.

  4. Hurricane Lorenzo is out there too…it has gone more south in its path since yesterday meaning it could hit Florida! Hurricane center has it on their map.

      1. I learned after living in Florida to never keep your eye off a storm dying or not…we learned after an eye wasn’t going to hit us…needless to say the power went out…no tv. etc…4 hrs into the storm it got beautiful!? We knew the storm must had turned at the last minute and we were in the eye. I have seen them change very quickly. I didn’t know Lorenzo was dying…I will check that out to! Thanks!

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