It’s looking like this very old-ancient prediction is unfolding.

Prediction 8: Part 1, The New Dark Leader
Like Hitler, Bin Laden, and Gaddafi a monster of a leader will come out of Somalia who will stain the world with massive violence, death and suffering.- Posted 3-8-2012

Notes on 7-26-13
“An ancient prediction is about to unfold, ‘the leader’, old one, three, three empty plates, look it up, the countdown to zero has almost arrived”

The Facts: “Somali terror group al-Shabab claims responsibility for Kenya mall attack. A Somalia-based terrorist group claimed responsibility for the deadly attack at a Kenyan mall on Saturday that left at least 39 shoppers dead and scores more injured.” Quoted News:

And a huge warning for the US posted 11-10-12.

Prediction 53: Somalia Terrorist
Individuals in or around Somalia will replicate something similar to Al Qaeda. War is crafted in a sinister way directed towards the United States.

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