Assassination Attempt in Egypt – 2

To add to the prediction that happened The Washington Post reported 22 injuries one of which was a 7 year old. Could this be the numbers in the prediction “2-2 and 7”

The Facts: “Egypt’s interior minister survived an assassination attempt Thursday when his convoy was targeted in a bombing in the capital’s Nasr City district…
Twenty-two people were hospitalized with injuries, the Health Ministry said. The Interior Ministry said 10 police officers and a 7-year-old were among the injured.” Quoted News:

The Original Prediction reads: Notes on 8-5-13 – Terror Attack

“Very Soon.. minutes away (minutes means days).. the two.. in two..  2-2.. it’s coming.. 7.. The old man with thick glasses is to blame.”
3.. Its destructive.. bomb.. Al-Qaeda or ties too.. in the city.. Egypt.. instantaneous.. the foundation ruined.. the reaction stony and swift.. they will line up the enemies whether innocent or not.. if you know someone there please warn them.

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