Notes on 9-2-13

Next.. Coming Next..

I had a visual of a woman’s hands slowly pushing a black round button. Then it switched and she was dialing a number on an old land line phone. As she dialed everything blurred except for the number “8”. A man in the background said “I thought we would only be breaking bones” Then the visual switched again and they showed police cars with lights flashing (I think they read LAPD). They also showed guns pointing in different directions there was also a Latin American look to the background.– A very cryptic message expected to unfold next. But which prediction does this link to? Perhaps the Avocado/Spider prediction, if so there seems to be a contradiction in timing, one shows 8 while the original message is 9-28. I am open to hear your thoughts of the message. It is important to understand that even if we don’t figure it out, when the event happens and it makes more sense, then it becomes a message learned, the next time they use similar riddles its meaning will be more apparent. Here are two previous prediction,  that could be related.

Notes on 8-22-13 – The prediction regarding the Spider, a sinister act that is expected this month.

Notes on 7-29-13 – A short gruesome prediction about individuals hanging from trees.

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