Notes on 8-14-13

We are working towards dates and countdowns for the majority of the major events predicted. It’s a new structure so we need to iron out the kinks.

“The Spider will crawl on 9-28”
I had a visual of a man holding an avocado that was split in two and then a large black spider crawled up and around the avocado. Then it switched and the two pieces of the avocado were put in two different places. “Ambush” — I can’t speak for the meaning of the avocado but the spider is considered the absolute worse symbol they could present. Spiders have been used to describe Bin Laden, Breivik, school shootings in the states, and several other terrorist acts both domestic and foreign.
“Bad news for country.. capital.. defiant.. delirious.. killer.. up in the air, weight over (over weight),  another monster”
I had a visual of a syringe, with liquid coming out. – Normally a syringe represents shots being fired, but normally they show multiple syringes, this had one, it could represent this monsters demise. This could also represent someone being put to death.

Also they showed a light switch in off position and then it was turned on. A message that a prediction that was considered off is actually going to happen “on”. Usually it’s because they are off in their timeframe.

“Prepare yourself world, another terror attack is ‘coming soon'” – They did not show if the countdown, is it at ‘1’ or ‘0’ days or weeks away?

They also showed a wiping of a stove the burner turned off, it sounds like a foiled attack, or a bombing is prevented.


10 thoughts on “Notes on 8-14-13

  1. Although I know that your predicting this as a future event as they presented this to you, by looking back to when you first posted this on 8-7-13, and If I didn’t know better, I could swear they were referring to the DiMaggio kidnapping of Hannah Anderson.
    – ‘Avocado’, – to me represents California – per Wikipedia – ” the avocado in California has become a successful cash crop. Some 95% of U.S. avocado production is located in Southern California, with 60% in San Diego County.
    – ‘The large black spider’ – James DiMaggio
    – ‘The two pieces of the avocado were put into two different places’ – one place being California, other place being Idaho.
    – “Ambush” – DiMaggio tricked the family into coming to see him under false pretenses and ‘ambushed’ them once they got there – or – He was also ‘ambushed’ when he and the girl were found (?).
    – ‘Spiders have been used to describe… etc’. – To me, considering all he has done, DiMaggio would fit this.
    – “Bad news for the up in the air, weight over (over weight), another monster.” – ‘up in the air’ – They searched for them from the air and found their campsite. ‘weight over (over weight)’ – as in weighty, meaning burdensome; oppressive; of great consequence; momentous – or – could ‘weight over’ mean – ‘wait’ over, as the wait to find them was finally over as her family and the nation waited anxiously for her to be found and found safe?
    – You ‘had a visual of a syringe, with liquid coming out,… which represent shots being fired but… this only had one, it could represent the monsters demise. This could also represent someone being put to death.’ – FBI shot him dead, but with only one shot, know one knows yet. DiMaggio had a gun (only one?) and made the first (and only?) shot with his gun at police/FBI before he was shot and killed.
    As I said, I know this is being presented as a future event, but looking back on it as it was presented on 8-7-2013, to me, it sure looks like it fits this event.

    • Your right, it really does fit. I totally agree with California, it very much could be a location. They call Canada the place of leaves and Idaho the place of potatoes. So California could in fact be the case. On top of that when I read it, it sounds like the bridge attack as well. But they do put a date on the prediction, “9-28” which goes right back to the “28th on the map” prediction too. I really feel this prediction ties into other ones. I guess we will all have to wait and see what happens at the end of September.

  2. Hi Eric,

    The annual UN General Assembly debate in New York City of which many of the world leaders (including President Obama) will attend is scheduled from September 24 – 29.. You seem to indicate an assassination attempt on a world leader will occur during this time frame (Sept. 27 – 30). Do you sense Pres. Obama’s life is in danger?

    • About the symbolism of an avocado in a dream….. I looked it up online. It represents health. If an avocado is split in two, would that indicate a fracturing and/or a breakdown in ones state of health?

      • Thanks Richard, you are one of many who see it symbolically as health or peace. I personally am leaning towards a place, such as California or South America. They call Canada the place of leaves, Idaho the place of potatoes, and Australia as the Bush.

    • Thanks for the feedback Richard. The marked date of 9-28 involves the spider on the Avocado. Spiders in the past have been used to describe both domestic and foreign terrorist, and has also been used in the tragic school shootings. I could be wrong but I don’t believe this specific message is about the assassination of a world leader. Unfortunately it won’t be an attempt either. They are predicting a leader will pass. No I do not see any threat to Obama, unfortunately however I do fear another US terrorist attack this year, I hope I am wrong.

      • Hi Eric,

        Do you see it as a major terror attack on par of another 9/11? And will it be disruptive to the economy?

      • It could be domestic, like the school shootings, Spiders are seen as an insidious acts, tragic and horrifying, it is seen as their worst symbol. Its hard to make an assessment in comparison to 9/11, however I do not see any mass intrusion to the economy. To add to it, its not for certain we are talking about the US.

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