AIDS Medical Breakthough

This Prediction has happened it reads:

Notes on 03-15-13
Razak wins Malaysia, what you can expect, corruption…  Hawaii will be flooded…I do bring some great news, the good news about AIDS isn’t complete…Georgia, clippers, cutting, such ignorance, scissors…another hostage situation is coming…Texas will be on fire (could that be an addition to a previous prediction about a massively large fire)

1: An Ending Epidemic
In 2013 there will be new medical breakthrough regarding the AIDS epidemic.  The strength of this beast begins to fade and with it fades the sorrow and death it creates.

The Facts: “Stem-cell therapy wipes out HIV in two patients. Two men with HIV have been off AIDS drugs for several months after receiving stem-cell transplants for cancer that appear to have cleared the virus from their bodies, researchers reported on Wednesday.” Quoted News:

Thanks Cheryl

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  1. Karen Avatar

    Thank you for your predictions – amazing. What do they see for the future of America. I have seen some very bad predictions for this country and it’s people. Thank you.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just what’s already written.

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