Jet Crash

This Prediction has happened, it reads under Notes on 6-26-13 :

I had a visual of an explosion of what could either be a helicopter or airplane, but I clearly saw propellers, fire and smoke engulfed the rest. When I asked when they responded with,.. Now. Now usually means in the next few days. My hope is to get a location prior to the event.

The Facts: On 6-27-13 An F-16 fighter jet crashed near Luke Air Force Base in suburban Phoenix on Wednesday evening, but both pilots ejected safely. Witnesses said they heard the jet’s engine sputtering and popping just before the plane went down. Video from a TV helicopter showed plumes of smoke rising from the crash scene.

Propellers? My only thought was perhaps a more symbolic message of the pilots “Propelled”. However misleading the spirits said “This prediction is complete”

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