Saddledome Stadium Flooded

This Prediction has possibly happened, but is not by the beach  and not the predicted Tsunami. The damage in Alberta is extensive and my heart goes out to my friends in Canada.  It reads under Notes on 6-15-13 :
I had a visual of me standing on a beach, people where playing on a beach and a stadium was off to the side of the shoreline. Then a massive dirty wave crashed into the land and consumed the stadium. — They are now pointing to a specific place where damage is overly excessive. I open this up to conversation, who has a stadium very close to the shoreline?

The Facts: The 19,000 seat Saddledome stadium in Alberta Canada was reportedly flooded up to the 10th row of the stadium Friday, and residents tweeted photos of the damage. Quoted News:

Thank You; ECB, Julie, and Kim for sharing the information.

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  1. a2dak Avatar

    In vancouver bc both stadiums are not far from water…all of downtown vancouver pretty much surrounded by water

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Thanks for the info I will keep an eye out.

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