Notes on 6-22-13

Here are the notes from Spirit for June 22nd.

I had a visual of the United States flag at half mast, there was a line of individuals paying their respect.

Whether related or separate they said: The father figure, legacy. “G”

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  1. Hidalgo Avatar

    G – eorge Bush (Senior)?

  2. seeker Avatar

    Bush, Sr?

  3. Eric LP Avatar

    They did not say. But there are plenty of US leaders with legacies. Who ever it is was a popular figure.

  4. Amy Avatar

    My very first impression of this with ‘The father figure, legacy. “G”, – is George H. W. Bush.

  5. Amy Avatar

    OR….I’m also thinking that maybe this could be referring to James ‘G’andolfini. It was just announced that his funeral will be on Thursday, the 27th of June at the Cathedral of St. John the Devine in New York. ‘The father figure’ – He played a Godfather role. He is certainly considered a legacy by his many fans, colleagues and friends for his great acting role, winning 3 Emmys. The governor of N.J. ordered the U.S. flag at half mast for Whitney Houston’s funeral so, I could see it as a possibility the N.Y. governor doing the same.

    1. Amy Avatar

      Also, he was born in New Jersey, so there could be flags at half mast there too.

      1. Amy Avatar

        Apparently, N.J. Governor Chris Christie did order flags at half-staff on Monday in honor of James Gandolfini. Today was his funeral….so sad 🙁

  6. Eric LP Avatar

    Also keep in mind there is the green and black flag at half mast. Mandela would fit that and is considered a father figure. But that doesn’t fit US half mast

    1. Amy Avatar

      Unfortunately, it’s not looking too good for Mandela right now. I agree with Mandela definitely fitting the prediction of the green and black flag at half mast, along with him being considered a father figure. As for the U.S. flag well, according to the U.S. Flag Code, the flag can be flown at half staff for foreign dignitaries upon a presidential proclamation.

  7. Nobody Avatar

    Billy Grahm

  8. jules104 Avatar

    SWC, Eric. I think this must be former President George H W Bush. The father figure would not only fit his children but fit the father figure which Bill Clinton has said he is for him.

    1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

      Just remember this assassination could be outside of the US.

      1. jules104 Avatar

        Hi Eric sorry, I should have clarified. I don’t think he is the one who the assasination/attempt is about. Just that he is the possible father figure who passes and more than likely, of natural causes. I just came across it while searching for the other one. I hope and pray it’s not anyway.

        1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

          Oh my bad.

          1. jules104 Avatar

            No worries Eric. Thanks for clarifying the tone of the event. Very helpful. I hope you are doing well. Blessings.

            1. Eric Leigh-Pink Avatar

              Thanks for asking, all is well, just a bit on edge with all of these ‘next’ predictions that seem darker than the normal.

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