Volcano Erupts

This Prediction Has Happened it Reads:

Notes on 6-16-13  I had a visual of a pot boiling in the back burner. Fire was under the pot and the water was about to boil over. — Any time they use a burner of a stove it represent ‘fire’ like forest fires. I believe they are telling me that the incomplete prediction that is expected to happen soon is the Volcano. With the timeframe now in the next few days all we need is a location…

Notes on 6-15-13  The message of breakfast — which means Break Fast, as if to say one of the incompleted prediction is about to happen that needs to be completed quickly. Usually we fail to complete them. A few come to mind, like the Volcano, it’s expected to blow but they never gave a location.

Notes on 6-6-13 I saw a picture of a Volcano erupting on a massive scale. I need to focus on the timing and location still.

The Facts on 6-18-13 “Residents of Mexico City and the surrounding area had a bit of a scare Monday afternoon as Popocatepetl, the active volcano just to the southeast of Mexico City, blasted a column of ash over 4 km into the sky in an eruption that, according to RT.com, one resident of the area said was like a ‘rocket explosion’.”

Marked: Two days passed after their warning to complete the prediction, which we failed to do. Busy day of predictions

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  1. Eric LP Avatar

    Its wild how close to the video this is to the original visual they showed. The picture I think reflects its short term or snapshot view of the situation. Video: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/mexico-volcano-popocatepetl-spews-ash-105200911.html#pyEBDOF

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