Cruise Ship Fire

This Prediction has happened. It reads under Notes on 5-24-13 :

Coming next.. The ship in the ocean with disturbing issues is coming soon..  it will taint the water.. not good.. — This message could be referring to a previous message on Notes on 5-9-13 it reads:
From a distance in the air I watched a ship in the ocean engulfed in smoke, smoke billowed out in different directions. It was unclear as to the scope of the fire or damage as the smoke hindered my view.
Smoke could be symbolic to destruction or just smoke. In some ways it sounds like a tanker, and or oil spill. It should be interesting to see if this is the next prediction that unfolds.

The Facts: On May 27th a fire broke out aboard a Royal Caribbean ship. The fire that began at 2:50 a.m.and was extinguished about two hours later with no injuries reported.  The trip for 2,200 passengers was cancelled.

This new type of prediction “Coming Next” has worked with a three-day gap of time. Even though it is not dated, this new way of revisiting the several pending predictions will aid in warning individuals for future events, especially the major events they predict. We plan to continue a focus on those predictions that are “coming next”.

4 responses to “Cruise Ship Fire”

  1. Amy Avatar

    When I saw this on the news yesterday I instantly thought of your prediction of ‘a ship in the ocean engulfed with smoke’. Good job, Eric!
    I think this new type of prediction “Coming Next” can indeed, be very helpful.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      LOL Amy. We are very excited about the new tool, we were a bit concerned it wouldn’t work but the opportunity is awesome. We will be able to really organize what is coming soon, remind and perhaps add details to existing predictions and really add to changing these predictions through awareness. To be able to warn everyone a few days before it arrives that it is coming will go along way.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I saw that W thanks, not sure if it connects to the bomb prediction.

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