Notes on 5-6-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit on May 6th.

“I just wanted to say goodbye.. were done.. Canada relationship.. infamous master..”

“Don’t make poor choices.. There isn’t any situation out there that can’t be helped by others.”

It sounds like some type of suicide or self-inflicted death. Master could be a reference to a teacher, someone who is a master at their skill, and has students.
In other news; Q and A, I opened up a conversation to you over any questions you might have over this blog. Sometimes I have to pinch myself over how large the audience has grown. I honestly thought I would post that idea and maybe get 5 to 10 questions. So far I have 37! I want to make sure the answers are accurate, there are several questions that need to pass through the spirits before I start presenting the answers, give me a month or two.

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