Notes on 5-3-13

Here are the Notes from Spirit on May 3rd

They showed a large US flag waving in the wind, and said, 50..coming 51. Wow that sounds like they are predicting 51 states. That’s a bold prediction.

In the coming weeks we have plans to revisit or re do some of the older predictions. We are testing a different format from our end so expect to see some repeated predictions, perhaps with more details.

8 thoughts on “Notes on 5-3-13

  1. BRING IT ON is the attitude we must have. Let the ‘games’ begin. Lightworkers have prepared our whole lives for this. We may die, but no one can kill our souls. We walk in the light with peace. We want no living creature to perish, but none of us can truly die at the hands of their lie…Have no fear, brothers & sisters. This is what we were born for, gang! I am a pacifist; but understand Earth existence is coveted. Cold-blooded alien reptiles angling for our love-born-from-Source birthright. They are not worthy. Scientific laws protect integrity of universe – survival. Not about elitism! Or f’ing bloodlines! All based on love, opening heart chakra to create a world of love where the best of our children can rebuild values on our beautiful, special and indeed unique Plant Earth. LOVE GAIA, pray with/for HER. This so lovely complex orb supports us and the f’ing yang energy pricks — be they male or female — try to usurp power.. I LOVE Y’ALL, MALE OR FEMALE — not about gender but HEART

  2. This is interesting. My son and I were talking about this a few months ago, about how Puerto Rico possibly becoming the 51st state. He works for a flag company that makes the American flag in all different sizes which then gets distributed throughout the U.S. The owner of the company had told them that if this were to happen, there would be quite a lot of overtime and probably having to add more shifts to complete all new orders of a new flag with the added star.

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