The Map and 28

So much is being discussed about the Map and the number 28.  What does the map mean?  One of the questions, what is the map of? Honestly it showed a google style map of roads and streets with a road headed straight up with a big glaring number, 28.

The prediction of the moderate pacific Tsunami was expected for April. They have made the Tsunami the first prediction that they want all of you to focus on changing, and many of you have delivered that in droves. Now yesterday they reminded me that things aren’t so literal and that sometimes their message is a pun. Also they have started a new countdown three days from now, which is right around the 28th.

Puns: Maybe they are talking about us mapping out our plans to change the outcome of this Tsunami. Or maybe its related to “This prediction putting us on the map” It could be another prediction, but it would have to relate to a map in some way, and I am not seeing any others that fit, with the exception of North Korea, where eventually the world map will be different with the fall of Kim Jong Un. Thoughts? Do you think there is another prediction that fits a symbolic map?

My assessment leads me to predict: There will be a  moderate Tsunami in the pacific that will cause flooding on the shorelines of Hawaii and other coastal areas around the 28th.

Bottom line one of these predictions is coming around the 28th.

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  1. Anon Avatar

    Site with info on 28 symbolism – maybe something will resonate? Also, glance through the comments. From years past, but maybe a clue in there?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Thanks for the help

  2. pisswhychick Avatar

    In the artistic sense of a map there is brain mapping. Basically drawing a map of what you are or thinking in a visual way. Many artistic mind maps have words, so numbers could be part of it too. I’m not sure why they presented it in a google format for you though. Maybe a brain [map] is housed in a body and a ______________ [map] is housed in the earth? Puns are hard to understand.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      I try to find the simplest answer with the pun. The map really does have me stumped, I thought it might be a date, but nothing really happened on the 28th

  3. Ana Avatar

    Hi Eric
    Do you think this prediction has changed and perhaps it won’t happen anymore!! Which would be fantastic we all need some good news! With all these tragic assassinations that have been happening lately, maybe things/outcomes are starting to change!

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Oh how I wish that were true! But no, when we make a massive mistake or something alters they point that out. They continue to bring up the Tsunami, but I will say there are questions on location. It seemed very much like Hawaii in the vision but in some ways I feel it might be in a different location. Its not very clear and I am working on that.

  4. Aileen Avatar

    Berth 28 is located in Hawaii there are many google maps attached to berth 28 online. It’s also a medium to high risk flood area. Also, just thought I would add this since you mentioned a road that headed straight up, Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park entrance is at mile 28 you are nearing 4,000 ft.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Wow really, I need to check that out, it never crossed my mind that it might be a map of Hawaii.

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