Notes on 4-19-13

The individual in the manhunt do not seem connected to the Sudan. So unless they are talking about something else they are wrong.
There are several new messages but the one that has an urgency is a picture of a map with roads and highways just as if you were looking at a google map on the internet. On the map was a line turning (road or highway?) with the number “28”. They showed it twice and kept presenting the number 28 as if to put urgency on it. It might be related or unrelated to what is taking place on the news with the manhunt. It could be a date, or simply as it says a location. Please share any ideas you might have on the subject.

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  1. seeker Avatar

    Well, there is a Route 28 leading SW out of Boston, Massachusetts. I still have so many doubts about this tragic Boston bombing. I doubt there was a drill. I feel the authorities knew something was up, but failed to warn, or call off the marathon. It feels very deceptive with a lot of cross energies to me.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      Interesting, is it just a road or highway. I will have to look that up. What makes you feel that way?

      1. seeker Avatar

        My Spidey sense. LOL. It has been on the fritz lately because I don’t have guides sorting it out, it is more like a mashup of remote viewing. The overall scene reads deceptive to me, vibe-wise. News reports and eyewitness testimonies say various law enforcement, plain clothes and uniformed with dogs, were around and they announced a bomb drill, nothing to worry about. So just logically it means 1. they had warning enough to have multiple agencies and bomb-sniffing dogs or 2. so nefarious I don’t want to go there – I get psychically inter-agency fighting, jockeying, so possibly that’s what that’s about. A also get a hollow feeling about this like I got about Sandy Hook. I don’t know what that means in this case. For me that hollow feeling means an absence of human vibrational lifeforce, sometimes because it is being blocked, sometimes because it isn’t there..

  2. Laura Bernieri Avatar

    Could it be Route 28 o Route 128 west and north of Boston?

    1. Laura Bernieri Avatar

      There are high tech companies along 128.

  3. Gaynor Avatar

    Possible related to Laurel Hill Cemetery Route 28 Boston……

  4. goosher Avatar

    I studied google maps for hwy 28, route 28 that are windy, and the only one I could find is going around Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada boarder. They have had some recent earthquakes in that area. Just a guess. Do you remember seeing where about on the map it was? East Coast or West Coast?

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      No not really it really might be a date too? I don’t know for sure.

  5. Aussiegal Avatar

    Had a really disturbing dream possibly related to your number 28. The dream was about an incident on a military base resulting in the brutal murder of a red headed male. There were two dark shields hanging over him, one with numbers on it, the other with two lightning bolts. In my dream the incident was a case of innocent man vouching for the wrong person. I hope it doesn’t come true.

    1. Eric LP Avatar

      That’s a wild dream, was it night or day. What did the innocent man look like? Was the dream inside a place or outside?

      1. Aussiegal Avatar

        It took place inside a U.S military base. In a sort of bunk house. The victim was red headed, lean and tall and a military service person, wearing a dull green flight suit. The person he vouched for was a non-military high school friend.

        1. Eric LP Avatar

          Interesting, they have talked about this thug, drug dealing, Mofia like individual from afar that they present as Sam Braun (Red head?), who is sinister in every way. They call him the Tee Father. I would assume its related to Boston but not sure. But its a very obscure and cryptic vision of a “Very bad man”

  6. Aussiegal Avatar

    Further details – night time – east coast U.S.A – drug related.

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