1: An Ending Epidemic

Prediction 1

In 2013 there will be new medical breakthrough regarding the AIDS epidemic.  The strength of this beast begins to fade and with it fades the sorrow and death it creates.

6 thoughts on “1: An Ending Epidemic

  1. Hi Eric,

    Good to see you yesterday…. Thank you for visiting us as we always appreciate your time.

    You know that proper man we were trying to figure out… like an irish man who knew me in my younger years. An emotional support system. Does the name Bruce Dorscht ring a bell.

    I thought of it afterwards. He was a fatherly figure so I am not sure. Just wanted to see if this name might be fresh in your memory as you did hear an S. This is kinda close.

    Anyway, thanks again for the readings…

    Deanna Swift-Everett

    1. It sounds like it, they were very stuck on him being european or irish. I had a great time reading for all of you!

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