More Notes

New Predictions we are working on here is its vague beginning.

  • “The female will be killed on two-nine” Who is it? “The political lady” – 29th or the 9th of Jan, Feb. There is also a reference to New Jersey but right now its unclear whether that’s a completely different prediction.
  • “Tens of thousands will protest with rage” What is the reason? “The fallout of what happened” sounds like it could be the aftermath of the fiscal cliff?
  • “The Mexican Cult will be in the spotlight doing very disturbing things” Is anyone familiar with a Mexican cult, I have never heard of one?
  • A visual of the US flag, then one star begins to glow.
  • They also note that several of the slotted earthquakes in previous posts are more of a collection of 2013 earthquakes. Though I will continue to collect the details they have made the big events of 2013 their main focus

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  1. Re: “The political lady” – Could it be the tragic and horrifying death of the young woman in New Delhi, who died on the 29th of December after a brutal gang rape on a bus? Thousands of people are protesting against the government that lets such thing happen.

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